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Philip O’Neill writes: Labor’s chance to lead ‘red’ transformation | Newcastle Herald


The wall will go north from Katumba along the Nepian and Hawkesbury rivers, the boundaries of the Macquarie Division, to Robertson’s division centered at Gosford and then Dobela centered at Wayonga. Up the M1 sections of Shortland, around Lake Macquarie and Newcastle will probably be the same red as before. And the wall from the national will be Patterson’s divisions, which stretch north to Port Stevens and west beyond Maitland, and Hunter, which runs through the valley all the way to Maswellbrook. Of course, two weeks in politics is twice as long. However, if polls and local odds show accurate forecasts, and Robertson is very close, the Northern Labor Fortress will be in place for the first time since Paul Keating led Labor to victory three decades ago.


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