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Plan to support digital healthcare opportunities


Digital health is changing the way many patients manage their health and access healthcare, and is driving changes in healthcare delivery.

The Capability Action Plan (CAP) designed to support Australia’s health workforce to further develop the skills they need to deliver the best care for Australians in an increasingly digital world. It identifies the priority actions required by all employees to meet the needs of consumers now and in the future.

CAP is a collaboration between Australian Digital Health Agency (Agency) and Australian Institute for Digital Health (AIDH) in partnership with key stakeholders from across the health ecosystem.

As part of the CAP, the Agency and AIDH will collaborate over the next two years to support health professionals in providing virtual and connected care to Australians. This will be achieved by equipping them with the tools and capabilities they need to operate as effectively as possible in this rapidly evolving environment.

The agency’s chief executive, Amanda Cattermole, said concerted action was needed across the health sector to build workforce capacity so the benefits of digital health could be realized for more patients in more settings. Cattermole also said that workforce strategy development and planning requires consultation with vocational colleges, universities, educators and employers in the public and private sectors.

AIDH Director General Dr Louise Schaper said the Institute’s main focus over the past four years has been developing the digital capabilities of healthcare professionals.

“The institute, its fellows and members are already working with many health professions to advance workforce skills through accreditation and training, with programs ranging from the basics of digital health to more advanced workforce-focused programs.

“The nursing and midwifery workforce has begun to upskill, assessing opportunities in the public and private sectors and creating a starting point for education and training programmes. It is time to extend this more widely to all health professions,” she said.

CAP outlines initiatives, including work on standard capability frameworks, guidelines, planning, resources and tools identified through previous work and ongoing sector consultation, to prepare Australia’s health workforce for a digitally enabled future.

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