Home Business Police are investigating an attack on two Jews near the Elsternwick supermarket

Police are investigating an attack on two Jews near the Elsternwick supermarket


A spokeswoman said officers were looking for a person who allegedly fell victim to anti-Semitic abuses and urged them to speak out.

“Victoria Police understand that cases of anti-Semitism can cause communities to feel targeted, threatened and vulnerable. We take any reports of anti-Semitism seriously, ”the spokeswoman said.

The chairman of the Anti-Defamation Commission, Dr. Dvir Abramovich, said many members of Melbourne’s Jewish community no longer felt safe.

“We cannot allow anti-Semitism to become the new norm, and I understand why many feel on the border and believe that the season is open to the Jewish community,” said Dr. Abramovich.


“Although Jewish Victorians should be able to walk the streets of Melbourne safely and without physical assault, we have now reached a staggering stage where an identifying Jew makes a person a likely target for persecution and abuse,” he said.

Last week, police accused two men of allegedly pasting swastika stickers on several fences, light poles, bus stops and the Jewish Community Center in Caulfield, just a day after the Andrews government introduced a law criminalizing public demonstration. Nazi swastika. .

Legislation backed by the two parties would mean that Victoria is the first jurisdiction in the country to ban the display of hate symbols, allowing police to remove and confiscate items that violate the ban.

“We know it’s a symbol of hatred and separation, and it’s incredibly harmful and damaging to the messages it sends,” said Attorney General Jacqueline Simes. Age last week.


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