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Police have arrested a suspect in the New York bombing


The 28-year-old was taken prisoner in a dramatic shootout in which he and two officers were injured.

Officials did not offer any information on the possible motives of Ahmad Khan Rahami.

The mayor of New York said the blast, which injured 29 people in a busy Chelsea area, was an “act of terror.”

Police in Linden, New Jersey, attacked Rahami hours after authorities publicly identified him as the prime suspect in Saturday night’s blast and sent out a warning to millions of cell phone users.

Authorities suspect Rahami, who lived in the nearby town of Elizabeth, was also behind a bomb that exploded off the coast of New Jersey on Saturday, a device found near an explosion in New York, and up to six other devices found near Elizabeth Rail Station. Sunday night.

The bombings and subsequent hunts have prompted even greater security in America’s largest city, which is already on high alert for a meeting of world leaders, including Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, at the UN in New York at the annual General Assembly.

Police responded to a bar owner’s complaint about a man sleeping in the entrance of a closed facility.

“The officer realized it could be a man the FBI was looking for. Then the officer said, “Show me your hands,” and he approached his body, took out a pistol and shot the officer, hitting him in the stomach. Fortunately, the officer was in a body armor, “Linden Police Captain James Sarnitsky told reporters.

According to officials, Rahami opened fire on police, injuring another officer with broken glass that hit his forehead.

Police fired, injuring Raha in the arm and leg. An eyewitness video showed Rahami handcuffed in a wheelchair, his wounds bandaged before he was taken to hospital for surgery. His condition is not considered life threatening.

The Union County Attorney’s Office charged Rahami with five counts of attempted first-degree murder and two counts of using second-degree weapons in connection with the shooting, spokesman Mark Spivey said.

New charges are likely to be filed in federal court.

Rahami had not previously been identified as dangerous, but his family was known to police as a result of night noise and crowd complaints at the family’s halal chicken restaurant in Elizabeth.

Investigators said they had not yet determined the motives for the blasts and there were no signs of an extremist cell in the area, William Sweeney of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in New York told a news conference.


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