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Possibly collaborating with Managed App to provide innovative lending solution for real estate investors


Maybea fast-growing provider of cash flow solutions for investment property owners, property sellers (sellers), agents, brokers and other parties involved in real estate transactions, cooperates with Managed appa through payment gateway and management platform for the real estate management industry to provide innovative cash flow solutions for real estate investors.

Choice from Maybe appeared after a significant review process and allow real estate investors to access funds for costs associated with investment property management. This includes unexpected repairs and maintenance or assistance in paying for improvements to meet the demand of tenants. The app is easy to fill, funds are delivered directly to their digital wallets in the Managed app.

Possibl’s Chief Commercial Officer Sam Gobran said: “We are very excited about this partnership with the Managed App. We were naturally attracted by the Managed App offer, which now has 58,000 users, including 18,500 owners, 23,000 tenants and 5,500 entrepreneurs. More importantly, we both share a shared vision of eliminating friction and providing the ultimate experience for our customers.

“In addition to our product for real estate investors, we also offer a number of cash flow solutions to eliminate friction in real estate transactions: from covering the cost of preparing and marketing real estate for sale, to unlocking a supplier’s deposit and providing commissions to an agent and mortgage broker .

“Working with ManagedApp makes a lot of sense, as they not only have a product that is on cutting-edge technology, but also have a fair understanding of how the rental market landscape is changing. We are confident that they will be around for a long time to come and that we can help their significant customer base with their unique needs. ”

Commenting on the partnership, Managed app CEO Nick Burris said: “We now see so many opportunities for borrowing in the managed app, and due to the recent increase in our customer base, this partnership has been too hard to ignore.”

“I am very pleased that we now have the opportunity to work with Possibl, which is a fully regulated lender, to easily provide our users with affordable and affordable short-term funding. Owners can check their cash flow according to the schedule of outgoing repayments, receive and return funds on the platform – it’s so easy! “


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