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Premier League: 10 things to look out for this weekend Premier League


1) The victory or fall of Liverpool and Spurs

For the second week in a row Liverpool can do their job before sitting down to see how Manchester City is doing. The extent of any European rebound or, in the case of the City, a hangover may be hard to predict, but Jurgen Klopp’s men have certainly accumulated fears to move him to the last four games. As with Liverpool, the Spurs have a rival sitting slightly above them who, by and large, continues to win: a five-point lag behind Arsenal this weekend could prove very costly to attend in North London’s derby. Thursday, and it adds to the feeling that none of the teams can really afford anything but to win at Anfield. The Spurs were not particularly convincing in victory over Leicester but with the song of Harry Kane and Son Hyun Min, who kept fresh for most of the week, one might want to expose tired feet from it a monumental return to Villarreal. The seasons are on the line for both sides, which would undoubtedly have preferred different opponents at the moment. NA

2) The city needs to be built for El Gasik

Even before the defeat in the Champions League in the middle of the week at the Bernabeu, Manchester City’s home match against the revived Newcastle looked like one of the most likely banana skins in their first meeting. So far, that is, you have not studied Eddie Howe’s record against Pep Guardiola – a pitiful 11 ​​defeats out of 11 with a total score of 34-5. All but one loss occurred before War Eddie joined Pep in the management ranks of state sports cars, only to lose his first derby at El Gasico 4-0 at St. James’s Park. in December. His much-improved trip to the Etihad Stadium to take on a team that was left on the floor and visibly embarrassed by Real’s robbery. Guardiola must unite his troops, a task that may come in handy. After The failure of the city in a massive test of their courage in the mid-week season, which promised so much, could be completely thwarted by Sunday evening. BG

Alexander Zinchenko after the defeat in Madrid. Photo: Michael Regan / Getty Images

3) United spend the season of broken dreams

The penultimate match of the season was Manchester United, when their goal was to reach the Europa League season 2022-23. A win over Brighton in uniform will get them there, but it wasn’t as it should have been when Cristiano Ronaldo returned to the club last summer as more optimistic fans dreamed that Ole Gunnar Sulsher could restore Old Trafford’s glory days. Later, Ralph Rangnik was hired to change the club culture, but he will go to coach Austria and will periodically return to his advisory role as an outsider, which he has always been. What legacy will the overseer leave? The debut of Alvaro Fernandez, a 19-year-old Spaniard, to last a few minutes, given by Alejandro Garnac against Brantford on Monday, is about all that’s left. Fans of United spent most of the season watching, hoping that Liverpool and Manchester City could somehow slip through. JB

4) Burnley owners make the game with high stakes

The release of Burnley’s accounts on Wednesday showed how financially devastating a flight could be for a club that sat on extremely healthy cash reserves before them. redemption at the expense of leverage ALK Capital in December 2020. In short, if Burnley decreases, they will not be financially towards yo-yo, and their situation could get much worse before it improves. On the other hand, interim manager Mike Jackson enjoyed the start of his dream after scoring 10 points in his four games, leading a team that showed no lack of character after the departure of Sean Deitch. “Aston Villa” going to Turf Moore on Saturday for the next game “Burnley” will be seen as winning against the tough opponents who took our points from the last 18 available. Although evading departure would be a rather heroic act by Houdini for Burnley and their impeccable fans, it remains to be seen whether their owners deserve such a postponement. BG

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5) The palace decided the fate of Watford?

Meetings with “Crystal Palace” can bring back bitter memories for Watford fans – The playoff final of 2013 or England Cup semifinals 2016, for example (even if they took revenge for it in the quarterfinals of 2019) – and there is a chance that Saturday will bring another. Watford’s visit to Salhurst is likely to end in confirmation of the departure and the unfortunate return of Roy Hodgson to the former club, where he is treated with love. Watford output manager says it will be his last job in the Premier League and he will expect his side to at least start fighting. They’re doomed if they don’t win, so will have to start with the same intensity they originally demonstrated against Burnley last week before dropping on last. The trouble is that it can expose their defenses to the attack that separated them into a Win on Vicarage Road 4-1 in February. Wilfried Zaha, Jean-Philippe Mattet, Connor Gallagher and others. have the form and strength to capitalize. TD

6) Nketia can interfere with former teammates

The opportunity is knocking for Arsenal on Sunday and it will be a positive knock on the door if they face Leeds, knowing that the Spurs have failed to win at Liverpool. A fourth win in a row could give them a leg up in the Champions League; their previous three weren’t particularly smooth, but the team’s players stepped up and served them well. Chief among them was Eddie Nketia, who showed his best all-round performance for Arsenal in victory over West Ham. even if he didn’t kill. Nketi’s contribution outside the penalty area of ​​six yards long challenged him, but he cleverly stretched hammers, fiercely pressed and held the ball well. Whether that’s enough to keep him in the Emirates after this season isn’t yet known, but Nketcia is set to play a crucial role in the next two weeks, especially since Alexander Lacazette has looked so dim in recent weeks. Against his former Leeds club lease, which haunted relegation, he should get another chance to become a hero. NA

Eddie Nketti of Arsenal was impressive in last week’s victory at West Ham.
Eddie Nketti of Arsenal was impressive in last week’s victory at West Ham. Photo: Stuart McFarlane / Arsenal / Getty Images

7) Can wolves stay away from the beach?

The Wolves players could hardly have looked more “on the beach” if they hadn’t come out in Malinho against Brighton last Saturday with buckets and shovels, and we had handkerchiefs tied around our heads. were duly killedleaving their manager Bruno Lage, of course, furious. After the game, he said many of his wards are playing for the future, and even some of them may not really doubt whether there is a future somewhere else. For a long time it was assumed that “Chelsea” finishes in the top four, but up to four games they have a lot of work. They will hope that Lage’s warning has come to light, and the wolves will continue their current sleepwalking until the end of the campaign. BG

8) Will Everton benefit from Leicester’s Roman trip?

“Leicester”, which goes to Rome on Thursday night for the Europa League match, seems to be in the hands of “Everton”, which remains at the place of departure, despite the withdrawal unlikely victory over Chelsea last Sunday. The problem? For the only time this season, Everton won away to Brighton on August 28, leaving them sixth with two wins and a draw in the first three games. Drunk days. Moving forward to the current unsettling meeting, and Sunday seemed like a good time for them to double the number of away wins in the campaign. Leicester will not be in full force after their efforts in Europe, which should be of concern to fellow Everton relegation candidates, Leeds and Burnley. To what extent has this exciting victory over Chelsea boosted Everton’s shaky confidence? LM

Richardson scored the decisive goal for Everton against Chelsea.
Richardson scored the decisive goal for Everton against Chelsea. Photo: James Gill / Danehouse / Getty Images

9) Bees and saints need one victory for safety

When the matches came out last summer, Southampton at home in May could be what Brantford fans hoped would be a walk at the end of the season, a quiet holiday of safety – like a pre-season friendly, but with a real sell-out. It almost came true. Almost. What could be for fans a chance to just relax and enjoy the elegance of Christian Eriksen or composer James Ward-Proves, will be permeated only with a share of anxiety. With Burnley and Everton struggling in dire straits, both sides could score more than their 40-point mark. Despite the rare misfortune catch Manchester United on a good day on Monday, Brantford should have the current form to move them home, while Ralph Husseinhuet’s side has also recently shown some decent performances, particularly in the win over Arsenal. All of this should provide a combination of quality and urgency to make this game worth watching. TD

10) Smith should reflect on the direction of his career

A penny for thoughts of Dean Smith, who could have enjoyed a well-earned downtime after being fired from Aston Villa, but instead decided to have dinner immediately from what turned out to be the predictably poisoned glass offered to him by Norwich. While he hasn’t done a particularly bad job in East England with very limited players at his disposal, he certainly hasn’t done very well and now has a departure spot in another impressive resume of managers. On Sunday with “West Ham” will come a game that is not particularly important for both teams, this avid chess player could be forgiven for serious consideration of his next move. BG


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