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Production of Toyota bZ4X electric cars could increase from 2025 – report


Toyota is just getting back on its feet after a three-month halt in sales of its first mainstream electric vehicle (EV), the bZ4X, but now the company is reportedly considering ramping up production.

Reuters it is reported that the Japanese car manufacturer plans to increase production bZ4X six or 12 times the current monthly volume of about 1,000 vehicles from 2025, if it can secure enough components, according to three people with knowledge of the development plans.

That means Toyota could theoretically produce 6,000 to 12,000 bZ4Xs a month from 2025.

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Toyota currently manufactures the bZ4X at its Motomachi plant, which also manufactures the matching ones Subaru Solterra and Lexus RZas well as a number of other vehicles including GR Yaris and GR Corolla.

Under the potential production boost, Toyota will ramp up production at its Takaoka plant, according to three unnamed people, which makes cars such as RAV4, Wreathand Wreath cross are currently being produced.

This potential increase in bZ4X production is a consequence of multiple sources within Toyota Reuters there is a company considering a radical overhaul of its plans for electric carswith a working group currently exploring options and due to report in early 2023.

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When Toyota and Lexus announced late last year that they would invest billions in developing electric vehicles, as well as unveiling 16 EV concepts as for production, its projections show that only 3.5 million electric vehicles per year will need to be built by 2030 to meet demand. It currently produces about 10 million cars a year.

Now he believes it will take much more than that. Toyota is also looking to lower the cost of its electric vehicle technology to be more competitive against the likes of Tesla, Rivian and Ford.

While the automaker considers its options, it has reportedly put several electric car projects on hold, including an electric version of the Crown and the Compact Cruiser crossover, which was styled like the FJ Cruiser.

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Toyota has just introduced its second vehicle in the bZ range, the bZ3 sedan, which was created for the Chinese market. This too recently teased another as-yet-unnamed model.

Toyota resumed production of the bZ4X only on October 6 find a solution to the wheel hub bolt problem which prompted a global recall in June of this year.

The Japanese automaker also said it has identified and fixed a potential airbag problem in the bZ4X.

Toyota Australia plans to bring a small amount of bZ4X here in 2023, initially talking about a late 2022 launch. The company’s local unit previously warned that the car would be “expensive”.

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