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Provide real estate at CBD Newcastle for just $ 10,000


Provide real estate at CBD Newcastle for just $ 10,000

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Whether you are a first time buyer, a real estate investor or someone looking to reduce the size, saving on a property deposit can sometimes be difficult. But if you thought that was impossible, think again.

Your dreams of owning a property in Newcastle are now more achievable than ever, thanks to Third.i Group, which supports the local launch of Coposit, a revolution in buying real estate out of the plan.

Coposit’s free app-based service gives you the ability to purchase brand new real estate with savings of just $ 10,000. Do you think this sounds too good to be true? This is not the case. Once you save the original amount, you simply pay off the balance of the deposit of your property through weekly repayments called “coposits”.

Coposit CEO Chris Ferris, describing the service as less of a loan rather than an individual savings plan, says the revolutionary service is turning a new deposit upside down.

“The deposit barrier is now a serious problem for Australians, so Coposit is helping to create a more level playing field for property buyers,” Mr Ferris said.

Provide real estate at CBD Newcastle for just $ 10,000

Coposit not only allows you to start the journey of owning a home with less savings than you thought you needed, it can also help you save more in the long run. By providing new real estate for development before construction begins, people can invest in real estate much less than homes at higher prices tend to appear on the market immediately upon completion.

In an effort to help locals in the Hunter region enter the market, developer Third.i has partnered with Coposit to provide a service to buyers looking to get an apartment in the newly offered Dairy Farmers Towers – a deliberately designed building with 184 one- to four-bedroom apartments in two tall towers. -West.

Speaking to the partnership, Luke Berry said his company stands behind Coposit to help people – especially young people and first-time buyers – get to the real estate ladder. Evidence of support for the service’s philosophy, Third.i will also contribute to Coposit’s costs to keep it free for those who need it most.

Provide real estate at CBD Newcastle for just $ 10,000

Offering a limited number of apartments, Dairy Farmers Towers will provide future residents with unrivaled views of Newcastle and its beaches. The interior design will also include common greenery as well as common facilities such as a gym, wild boar pool area, wine bar and event halls.

For many, buying developments like Dairy Farmers Towers is more like a dream of a property that will never come true. But by collaborating with Coposit, Third.i hopes to turn more of those dreams into reality.

“We have already sold 100 apartments in our project and are confident that Coposit will quickly increase sales for the rest, so we encourage people to register so they don’t miss out,” Mr Berry said.

Provide real estate at CBD Newcastle for just $ 10,000

Although buyers from Hunter and other parts of Australia have already started accepting this iconic building, there is still time to secure one of her apartments, which can be called her own.

With Coposit all you need to do is view available places to stay at Dairy Farmers Towers, submit an online property request, and then pay and manage your deposits – or even exchange contracts – digitally from anywhere in the world. Home financing has never been so flexible and hassle-free.

According to Mr. Berry, after the renovation of Dairy Farmers Corner, the landmark will be reborn to create a new chapter in the development of the West End. Thanks to the local launch of Coposit, there are now more opportunities than ever to name part of the iconic towers of its own.

To learn more about Dairy Farmers Towers and Coposit, they are holding a special event on Thursday, March 24, where you will hear from experts on how Coposit works.

  • Hear from the Thirdi and Coposit team about how Coposit works and protect your property
  • Thursday, March 24th
  • West End Display Suite Suite (17 Charles St Wickham)
  • 6-7.30
  • Drinks and snacks are provided
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