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Qlik is part of a consortium to implement the eHealth ADF project


Qlik has announced that it will play an important role in transforming the Australian Defense Forces (ADF) eHealth management system.

Under a contract for the JP2060 Ph4 project signed by the Australian Department of Defense, Leidos Australia’s information technology, engineering and science company will lead a consortium, including Qlik, to supply the Health Knowledge Management System (HKMS).

The seven-year project, worth A $ 329.6 million, will replace obsolete electronic medical records ADFs with a modern, patient-centric health solution. The new system will record, store, integrate and analyze ADF population data and information, combining interdisciplinary primary and professional care with emergency and hospital care to ensure better clinical decision-making.

The JP2060 Ph4 project will create 187 full-time equivalent jobs in Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, with initial operational capacity scheduled for November 2023.

“Qlik is very proud to be involved in this important health project. We know what challenges governments face in using population health data to improve the patient’s path from primary to emergency care, from rehabilitation to recovery. For defense personnel, this path from the field through evacuation to hospital and recovery is particularly difficult, ”said Paul Leahy, head of state, ANZ in Qlik.

“Having an intelligent data-driven solution that enhances electronic health records in these complex environments will be key to identifying and providing appropriate assistance to those who serve.”

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