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Qualifying for the World Cup will bring a salary of $ 17 million in Socceroos, Football Australia


The victory in a series of penalties over Peru for qualifying for the 2022 World Cup will bring $ 17 million for the Australian football club.

The tournament in Qatar will be the richest world championship in history, with a total wallet of $ 700 million ($ 1 billion) intended for competing teams. Football Australia is already guaranteed a fee for the group stage of more than $ 14 million, as well as just under $ 3 million as a qualifying bonus allocated to travel and accommodation for the tournament.

Under the terms of the Socceroos collective agreementplayers can earn 40 percent of the fees for performing in the group stage, as well as 50 percent of any prize money for reaching the playoffs.

In real terms, that means $ 226,000 per player to qualify for the World Cup with 23 people and an additional bonus of about $ 290,000 per player if they reach the 1/8 finals. To do this, Australia must take the first two places in Group D, which includes the current champions France, Denmark and Tunisia.

Although FA profits are significant, much of it will be absorbed by costs such as player bonuses, staff salaries and logistics costs. The FA estimates that post-expenditure revenue will be about $ 5 million per performance in the group stage.

“It’s beyond finance,” said CEO James Johnson. “Twelve months ago we had two teams participating in the Olympics, and both teams performed quite well. “Alira” beat Argentina, and “Matilda” reached the semifinals. We have now qualified for the Men’s World Cup. We are hosting the Women’s World Cup. “

Andrew Redman’s teammates at Socceroos celebrate after the goalkeeper’s decisive save in Doha.Credit:Getty

Much of the proceeds will go to fund the country’s second division and the women’s national cup competition. The FA seeks to improve the paths of players through more games in women’s and men’s football, in particular by introducing a second professional league that will be lower than the A-League.



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