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Queen Consort Camilla to pay televised tribute to late Queen Elizabeth II and her ‘unforgettable smile’


The Queen Consort is to pay tribute to the late Queen on television, remembering her “beautiful blue eyes” and saying: “I will always remember her smile”.

Camilla will speak in pre-recorded words about how Queen Elizabeth II has carved out her role over the years in the “difficult position” of being a “lone woman” in a male-dominated world.

“I don’t remember anyone being there but the Queen,” adds the Queen Consort, to the majority of a nation for whom the Queen was until now the only British monarch they had ever known or could remember.

A tribute to her mother-in-law is scheduled to be broadcast on the BBC on Sunday – the eve of the Queen’s state funeral – shortly before the national moment of silence at 8pm.

Camilla will say: “She has been a part of our lives forever. I am now 75 years old and I don’t remember anyone being there but the Queen.

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“It must have been so hard for her to be a single woman.

“There were no women prime ministers and presidents. She was the only one, so I think she carved her own part.”

Remembering the late monarch, Camilla added: “She has beautiful blue eyes, when she smiles they light up her whole face.

“I will always remember her smile. That smile is unforgettable.”


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