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Queensland Live Updates: “Situation” in southeastern Queensland with heavier rain and severe weather forecast | Queensland


Bureau of Meteorology Queensland says they issue alerts every six hours, but they will update alerts as needed.

They say the peak of the river in Brisbane was 1.67 meters, and small floods are expected in the coming days.

As for the long-term forecast, meteorologists are expecting light rains on Sunday and next week.

So definitely not as extensive and constant as what we saw – much more repeatedly with more downpour activity is what we can expect after this event.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Minister Mark Ryan answers a question about how people receive emergency alerts.

He says some councils – such as Brisbane City Council – issue their own alerts through a voluntary system, in addition to a national system run by the state.

Can I assure all Queenslanders that the state-based broadcasting system works well, it is a national system run by the state.

Queensland fire services and emergency services say they had to rescue people in low-lying areas where the water rose quickly.

QFES says most of the rescued people did not have a “situational awareness” of the unfolding event and did not make a “decision to turn around”.

They say they have deployed crews in Toowoomba, Warwick and other areas.

Queensland police are urging people to stay safe and stay away from flooded roads. It is said that several roads across the state will be blocked today.

If it is flooded, forget it. This year and in previous events we have lost too many lives on the roads.

Bureau of Meteorology Queensland says. Their main message is that this is an “evolving situation” and they want people to stay up to date with weather updates.

They have five major warnings, six moderate and three minor for the Brisbane area.

Palashchuk said the SES received 150 calls for help, and plumbing crews carried out nine rescue services.

If you don’t need to travel on the road, please don’t travel if you don’t need to. And please remember if it is flooded, forget it.

And more pictures of the flood are now coming from our photographer David Kelly:

The flood cut the Warreg Highway in Plinland. Photo: David Kelly / The Guardian
The driver puts his hand on the flooded section of the Plainland-Laidley road.
The driver tries to cross the flooded section of the Plainland-Laidley road. Photo: David Kelly / The Guardian
Flood waters cut the Warreg Highway in Plainland.
Photo: David Kelly / The Guardian

Anastasia Palashchuk talks about the flood in Queensland

Prime Minister of Queensland Anastasia Palashchuk conducts briefings on the weather.

She said heavy rainfall would continue in the southeast for another 24 hours Queensland move on.

Three hundred facilities in Leidley in the Locker Valley have been affected by floods and eight evacuation centers have opened, Palashchuk said.

These precipitations are not as we saw in the previous event. These precipitations are actually more sporadic, and not as heavy.

The Queensland Fire and Rescue Service is again reminding motorists not to drive through flood waters. A large number of roads have been cut due to floods.

Due to the flood that has affected a large number of roads, please think about what to drive today. The easiest way to stay safe is to just stay home. Remember, if it is flooded, forget it. https://t.co/lMjo589lgf

– Qld Fire & Emergency (@QldFES) May 12, 2022

There are some wild photos showing the scale of the floods in the southeast Queensland. These are really scary scenes that can be seen months after the record and relentless flood that flooded the city of Queensland in February.

Be safe!

Bicentennial Bikeway again underwater. Rainfall is intensifying today, and floods are likely to continue for the next 24 hours depending on rainfall, dam emissions and tides. pic.twitter.com/776JzRsqnH

– Brisbane-West BUG (@BrisbaneWestBUG) May 12, 2022

Riders report that the Bicentennials Bikeway is flooded by a ferry near the drift. Photo from 9 am this morning. pic.twitter.com/ltIQUfZg1A

– space4cyclingbne (@ space4cyclingbn) May 12, 2022

More than 100 mm of precipitation has fallen in the south-east of the country over the past 24 hours.

Good morning

Good morning and welcome to our up-to-date material on the flood emergency in Queensland. Heavy rainfall hit the southeast of the state this morning, leading to sudden floods in many parts of the state. Here are the key events:

  • Major floods are forecast in the Cape River, Lady Lane Creek, Cooper Creek, Warryl Creek, Bremer and Logan and Condamin rivers.
  • Moderate flood warnings have been issued for the Brisbane, Air Creek, Buffle Creek and Kolan and Mary rivers in Jimpy.
  • An evacuation siren sounded in the Locker Valley southwest of Brisbane, and lowlanders were urged to move to higher ground.
  • In Brisbane, ferry services were canceled and sand collection stations were opened.
  • The floods cut many roads across the state, and nearly 70 schools were closed.
  • The beaches of the Gold Costa are also closed, and a dangerous surf is hitting the coastline.

Prime Minister of Queensland Anastasia Palashchuk will hold a briefing on the weather at 11am on AEST. We will be blogging live about this press conference and bringing you all the latest weather updates and emergency alerts throughout the day.


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