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RaceRunning Australia launches! – Sports for people with disabilities in Australia


RaceRunning Australia officially kicks off after a fantastic Australian “come’ n ’try” tour in November 2018.

RaceRunning is an innovative sport for people with disabilities who are unbalanced and unable to function. By using a specially designed RaceRunner, athletes gain freedom of movement with a RaceRunner that maintains their balance.

RaceRunning Australia was launched in 2018 as a way to integrate and help develop RaceRunning in Australia. RaceRunning Australia collaborates and liaises with key stakeholders in the athletics, therapy and RaceRunning sectors nationally, nationally and internationally.

In November 2018, RaceRunner developer Connie Hansen traveled to Australia from Denmark to take part in an Australian tour of six (6) cities for RaceRunning come ‘n’ try events.

Come ‘n’ Try events have been a great success across the country. Over six (6) events more than 80 people attended the workshop or participated in the RaceRunner themselves.

Disability Sports Australia would like to thank the following people and organizations for leading Come ‘n’ Try events:

  • Sydney, Canberra and Newcastle: Alliance of Cerebral Palsy (CPA) and Dejay Medical

  • Melbourne: Dejay Medical and Maz Strong

  • Adelaide: Dejay Medical, Athletics SA and Novita

  • Brisbane: Dejay Medical and the University of Queensland

In addition, the DSA would also like to thank Connie Hansen for her time and work on presenting RaceRunning to the Australian public!

If you are interested in learning more about RaceRunning Click here or contact racerunning@sports.org.au.


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