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Rangers express “important concern” about the treatment of fans in the Europa League final | Rangers


Last Wednesday, the rangers expressed “great concern” about the treatment of their fans Europa League final at the Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan Stadium in Seville.

In a statement Tuesday, the Glasgow club announced it was in dialogue with UEFA and a campaign of supporters. Football fans of Europe (FSE) on several issues related to the match.

Ibrox officials claim that some fans’ medical devices were confiscated by police and that there was no access to drinking water at the stadium. Rangers lost 5-4 on penalties with Eintracht Frankfurt, the match ended 1-1 after extra time.

“The Rangers are very proud of our fans for the spirit and character they have shown in watching our club in record numbers,” the statement said. “Our fans went to Seville and amazed the locals with color, noise and positivity and showed real character Rangers. Although the result did not go to meet, we will remember the preparation for the match with great love.

“However, we have serious concerns about the treatment of our fans at the Ramon Sanchez-Pizhuano Stadium, including the confiscation of previously approved and agreed items by the police and the lack of appropriate facilities at the stadium, including the lack of bottled water or restrooms.” which, for obvious reasons, has caused serious concern to many fans in the stadium.

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Rangers encouraged other fans to speak out and share any similar adverse experiences. “Supporters who want to file a complaint UEFA It should be noted that UEFA does not have direct procedures for filing complaints for supporters, ”the statement reads.

“We encourage supporters to contact the FSE through a survey of their visiting supporters. The FSE is an independent non-profit fan association, recognized by UEFA as the representative body on fan issues, and presents a full report on the fan experience in Seville.

“Also, any fans who have not yet shared their experiences with the club and wish to do so, please contact us by Thursday, May 26.” UEFA has not yet commented on Rangers’ statement publicly.


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