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Reaction to Scott Morrison’s election defeat: viral photos in the wild


Some people waited three long years to remove Scott Morrison’s boots, and they didn’t lose a chance Saturday night.

Scott Morrison is no longer the Prime Minister of Australia – and has left the post of Liberal leader – and his departure has been marked by his detractors with vigor.

Everyone, from Novak Djokovic’s supporters to the French foreign minister, welcomed Mr. Morrison’s defeat by Anthony Albanese – and it was quite harsh.

Let’s start with France, where Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian gave Mr Morrison a very pompous au revoir.

“I can’t help but say that I am very pleased with Morrison’s defeat,” Le Drian said in Paris.

You remember the furor in France over Mr Morrison’s sudden decision last year to abandon the $ 64 billion submarine deal – a move that Le Drian said on Saturday night demonstrated “brutality and cynicism, and I would even like to say that it is a form of known incompetence ”.

He was not the only smiling face in Europe, as insane fans of tennis superstar Novak Djokovic were also aware of the news that the man they accused of expelling a Serb from Australia earlier this year had received shoes.

“Djokovic’s supporters will not oppose such a development after their boyfriend turned into a political piñata,” said tennis journalist Ben Rotenberg.

Closer to home, political observers rubbed Mr. Morrison’s nose.

Peter Hartcher of Fairfax said the liberal bulldozer had “thrown his party into electoral oblivion”.

“The leader of the Liberals has become so poisonous to traditional liberal voters that he did not dare to show his face in the traditional center of the Liberals. He alone turned the Liberals with the blue ribbon into tea, ”Hartcher wrote.

The Australian Greens kept it just on Facebook – as did the guys from Betoota Advocate.

Mr. Morrison even fired from his ranks.

The NSW treasurer and leading moderate Matt Keane said the election defeat – which came after independent candidates claimed several former Liberal seats – taught everyone “if the Liberal Party goes too far to the right, we will lose at the center”.

“The Liberal Party is strongest when we represent diversity in society,” Keane said. “Tonight we have received a very strong message from our hearts that we do not represent them.”

You can only imagine what was said on Twitter when everyone, from professional wrestler Jonah to British actor Robert Levelin, had a victory party.

Originally published as The wildest reactions to the defeat of ScoMo – from viral photos to four-letter shipments


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