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Readers of the Newcastle Herald have their say: trams, traffic, transformation: what’s true? | Newcastle Herald


In response to Jeff Black (“Billions of Reasons to Like What Mike Does,” Letters, 11/5). Jeff argues that the liberal government is not doing enough to introduce renewable energy to combat fossil fuel use. Entrepreneurs will always make money on suffering and despair. There is not a single person on this planet who is not concerned about global warming, and yes, we need to address this now, but we need to take advice and guidance from world leaders in climatology, not from scenarios like Greta Thunberg. Yes, it is sympathetic, but our guidance should be from experienced experts who, if they all came together, could explain what our world can do to slow down or even stop this catastrophe. Personally, I do not believe that renewable energy can cope with the peak demands of extreme temperature rise and fall, and we need to be regulated as to who supplies these elements (solar panels made in China from enslaved origin, and cobalt mining in Congo uses child labor, many die). What will our country do to dispose of solar panels and batteries after they are finished? Even if Australia shut down all coal-fired power plants today, the impact on global carbon emissions would be reduced by only 1 percent. Other major countries, such as China and India, must take responsibility, otherwise on the way we move, we will face catastrophic weather events, famine and conflict. Our planet is overpopulated, food and fuel will be scarce. So, Jeff, something needs to be done, and now, are we moving on to nuclear weapons?


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