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Real estate in the Southern Highlands bought by residents of the eastern suburbs


The family’s new vacation spot is The Bails at Kangaloon, recently sold by Christie’s James Hall for $ 6 million on behalf of wine dealer John Baker, author Stalin’s wine cellar.

It seems that since the arrival of COVID-19 between the eastern suburbs and the Highlands, a virtual wormhole has opened up. The Bergers in the south are joined by Mark Beljorna-Zegna of Vaucluse, from the wealthy Transfield Holdings family. He bought the Oakvale property in Mitagon for nearly $ 3.5 million.

Similarly, Gemma Salter, the daughter of billionaires Paul and Sandra Salter, paid $ 4.5 million for a vacation to Satan Forest.

Renewal of the Fordham family

Celebrity agent Nick Fordham is touted as a recent buyer – for nearly $ 15 million – of the historic Wollahri Spicer House from former PWC partner Greg Hall and his wife Jody.

Alexander Phillips of the PPD declined to comment on the rumors, leaving well-placed sources to reveal his acquisition of the historic residence in 1886, which would make the media broker a neighbor-director of his mother Veronica.

The Spicer House at Woollahra sold for almost $ 15 million a week on the market.

Nick Fordham bought next door to his mother Veronica.

Nick Fordham bought next door to his mother Veronica.Credit:Alphabet

Fordham is the brother of Ben Fordham with 2GB and heads Fordham, a company founded by his father John Fordham, who died in 2019.

Spicer House was previously owned by mining heiress Sarah Louise Fudge, until she sold his Halls in 2015 for $ 5.5 million after an engagement to Hollywood actor Mark Sheppard and after moving to Los Angeles.

From horse breeder to royal family

The house in Point Piper Mary Ingham, part of the family empire for breeding chickens and jumping, was sold to immigrants for $ 12.04 million.

Tammy Ingham sold her Elizabeth Bay site for $ 7.5 million.

Tammy Ingham sold her Elizabeth Bay site for $ 7.5 million.Credit:Nick Moir

It is a designer three-level residence that Ingam bought 12 years ago for $ 5.7 million from horse breeder Warwick Miller, who covered the losses for his three-year tenure.

Miller, who made money making watches in Hong Kong, paid $ 6.55 million for it in 2007 when he traded from his trophy house Routala on the waterfront, sold for the then-national record of $ 28.7 million.

No sign for Ingam, though her daughter, shoe designer Tammy Ingam, sold her Elizabeth Bay pad for $ 7.5 million last year, up 150 percent since she bought it in 2010.

Kiribili’s big deal

Car dealer Phil Gilbert exchanged his apartment in Milsons Point to buy a subpenthouse on the promenade in Kiribili Grande for $ 13.5 million.


Kirribilli Studio is housed in an iconic building that was developed as a joint venture between the Waterhouse bookmaker family and the late Macau billionaire Stanley Ho, and sets a record for apartments in the suburbs.

He was sold to Heather Hayes, the wife of corporate bully Greg Hayes, earning big profits from the $ 7.65 million they paid for him in 2016.

Given the market nature of the deal, the agent remains unknown, but most likely Nigel Mucha of De Jones, given that he sold Gilbert’s apartment in the Cavill Mirvak building for $ 7.8 million.


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