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Recruiting Gold Coast Titans, David Fifita, Jaden Campbell, Kieran Foran, AJ Brimson, Jamal Fogarty


The Titans set has been criticized after their fall from last year’s semi-finalists to 13th place nearing the middle of the 2022 season, and their illness has caused concern.

Dave Ritchie believes the money the Titans spend on David Fifty would better serve to improve their spine, which has become unbalanced.

“How has the Titans been recruited over the last few seasons?” Breit Anasta asked on NRL 360.

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“Do you think they are in a strong position? Did they make the right decisions? ”

Paul Kent noted that the Titans lack the depth of the spine, but he believes their strikers, and especially captain Tina Faasuamaleui, were good for the club.

“There was an obvious thinning in the spine,” Kent said.

“But people like Tina and Fifita were good.”

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However, Riccio believes that the signing of Fifty has disrupted their entire salary limit, which has neglected their backbone, which will win prime ministerial positions.

“Fifita was a disaster,” Richio said.

“Accident for $ 1.2 million. It was awful. He’s on the sidelines from time to time, and your salary limit manager pays more than $ 1 million for a back rower who sits waiting for the ball to come to him. It’s just a farce. ”


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David Fifita controls most of the salary limit in the Titans.Source: Getty Images

Anasta believes the Titans paid for Fifty based on his potential and to get him to the club so he can realize his best feet in the coming seasons.

“The fact is that with Fifita you pay for the potential, and it only happens in the hope that it will come in handy and he will reach his potential and bring the best of himself to the team,” said Anasta.

“I still believe he can, but at the moment he is not before he was injured.

“There are a lot of clubs that would do what the Titans did, and there will still be clubs that stand in line for Fifita if he goes further.”

However, Paul Crowley noted that the Titans have a history of earning on potential, and they need to start attracting to the club recruits who are proven winners.

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The signing of Kieran Foran leaves the backbone uncertain in the Titans next season.Source: Getty Images

“The Titans were wrong to gamble with Ash Taylor before, and it never worked out,” Crowley said.

“It was a $ 1 million game a season and then they did it with David Fifita.

“Now Fifita has all the talent in the world and you are probably right, you had to pay him $ 1 million to get it. But was it a good decision for the club? No, it wasn’t. It was a bad decision.

“And then when Kieran Foran goes there and everyone looks at these experienced playmakers who go to different clubs.

“I guess the difference with Foran is that he’s been playing at number 6 all his life. I know he can play at number 7, but he no longer has those legs that will allow him to play with his feet.”

Anasta believes the Titans will have an egg on their face if Raiders recruit Jamal Fogarty returns from injury and succeeds in Canberra.

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There is a point in Jaden Campbell’s contract.Source: Getty Images

“They also released Fogarty, so if Fogarty starts playing very well in Canberra, their set will be in question,” said Anasta.

“But it should already be, because they got rid of the likes for such a replacement,” – said Riccio.

“They got rid of a player like that.”

Crowley has asked where AJ Brimson or Jaden Campbell will play if Foran joins the halves next season.

“Where does this leave AJ Brimson or young Jaden Campbell?” Said Crowley.

“Well, Campbell has to play the fullback,” Anasta replied.

“So where does AJ play?” Crowley insisted.

“In the half with Foran,” said Anasta.

“And Sexton isn’t there?” Crowley asked.

Parker chooses his team Maroons | 03:03

“Because in my books here is a young guy who has incredible potential.

“He will never be that Sam Walker-style superstar midfielder, but he definitely has the ability to be a Chad Townsend-type player for a long time. If you invest in his time. ”

Anasta believes the Titans can’t get on Brimson’s bench given the big money they paid him for making him a long-time defender of the club or five-eighths.

“You can’t Brymson’s bench,” Anasta said.

“But that’s what we’re talking about. They themselves got into the brothel, where we do not even know who they will collect.

They have a lot of quality players, but are they suitable for the Titans? They don’t even know themselves at the moment, and it can be seen in their performances. ”

Riccio has revealed that Campbell’s contract has a clause that allows him to step down in 2023 when he makes a deal with a rival from the NRL and takes an interest in a number of Sydney clubs.

“Jaden Campbell is a player that many clubs look at,” Richio said.

“Jaden’s contract has an option that gives some flexibility to come out before the end of the 2023 deadline.

“He’s a player the Titans can’t afford to lose. But some Sydney clubs are watching him. ”


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