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Reduces red tape to mobilize interstate trade


From July 1, NSW will recognize a number of interstate construction and construction qualifications and registrations, and some entrepreneurs will no longer need to apply for an NSW license or pay additional registration or renewal fees.

Treasurer Matt Keane said more electricians, plumbers and builders arriving in New South Wales would help the government speed up repairs to homes, businesses and schools affected by the recent floods.

“We’re making it easier and cheaper to have interstate sparks, chips, plumbing and bricks come to New South Wales and help rebuild the floods,” Mr Keane said.

“We are cutting red tape to ensure that if you are eligible qualified and registered entrepreneur from any member state, you can work in New Wales. This means that interstate traders can now come and work in the North River regions to help in the recovery phase. ”

The changes come after extensive public consultation and are part of a national move to make it easier for traders to work outside the framework of the Automatic Mutual Recognition (AMR) scheme.

Mr Keane said it was expected that these changes would allow for a more timely response to any future natural disasters.

“We prefer local businesses to fill these jobs first. But improving the mobility of skilled workers across borders is particularly important for building the infrastructure needed to recover from floods and increase resilience to future natural disasters, ”Mr Keane said.

“This scheme will provide an opportunity It is estimated that economic activity has grown by $ 2.4 billion in ten years from savings for workers and businesses, increased productivity and faster response to future natural disasters. ”

Small Business Minister and Fair Trade Minister Eleni Petinas said the New South Wales government has worked closely with industry to provide adequate protection for companies and their customers.

“Stakeholders in the industry have been involved to ensure that participating in interstate exhibitions meet the required qualification standards,” Ms. Petinas said.

“We were mistaken with caution when deciding which licenses would be included to maintain the highest standards for consumers in New Wales.

“Recognition of interstate registration reduces the administrative costs faced by entrepreneurs – many of whom are small business owners – who want to grow their business and move to where there is work.

“It will intensify competition, which can provide lower prices, more choice and improved quality of service for consumers.”

New Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, the Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory are participating in the scheme of automatic mutual recognition. Western Australia will join the scheme on July 1, 2022.

More information about AMR can be found here: Facilitating the work of registered professionals in the interstate environment.

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