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Renovation of the $ 2.3 million Victoria Park Hotel is complete, and here’s your first look at the new beer garden


The next time you sip a drink and dig in the stern in the local area, take a good look around, because most likely the ancestor could have sat there almost a century earlier.

Camera iconLeah Tepper with daughter Stella (4) and dog Hugo. Credit: Andrew Richie/Western Australian

Perth has a favorite collection of old hotel pubs, some of which have been operating for over 170 years.

While great-grandfather Bob may not have been going to drink a pint and parma, many of these original places have been lovingly restored over the decades, whether it’s signs, recycling materials or continuing to pour wine to the top. glass at no extra cost.

The last old lady to receive a multimillion-dollar conversion (actually $ 2.3 million) is the Vic Park Hotel, a favorite for locals since it opened in 1927.

Joe Bailey, manager of Australian Venue Co (which also owns such as the Guildford Hotel, Sweetwater Rooftop Bar and The Aviary), shows that space has doubled.

“Removing the old pool and bottled shop allowed us to create an open and spacious beer garden in its place,” he says.

“The park (beer hall) includes a large garden bar with 30 beer taps, a playground ideal for 50 guests, a children’s playground, several screens for watching great games and many places to relax and enjoy wine in the sun.”

He says the group has had a vision to expand since acquiring the site in 2019, wanting to add to the appeal of already popular Victoria Park cafes and restaurants, and more specifically cater to the growing number of families in the area.

    Gia (2) and Stella (4) at the playground at Victoria Park Hotel.
Camera icon Gia (2) and Stella (4) at the playground at Victoria Park Hotel. Credit: Andrew Richie/Western Australian
Park Hotel Victoria.
Camera iconPark Hotel Victoria. Credit: Andrew Richie/Western Australian

Designed by Donnelly Design, Bailey reveals that after the restoration on Saturday, May 14, the site will focus on live entertainment and family activation.

An updated menu from head chef Andre Nunez includes a mix of quality pub classics with features such as grilled tiger prawns with chimichuri, classic parma with mustard and french fries or a roll with shrimp and lobster. There is a wine list with a focus on WA, lots of draft beer and a non-alcoholic menu.

For Bailey in recent years, it has been interesting to watch the growing number of typical WA pubs and hotels come back to life.

“We are thrilled with all the other renovations going on around Perth as it just opens up more incentives for visitors to Perth and also helps to develop creativity in the industry,” he says.

Explore more of Perth’s oldest pubs, which have also received an impressive transformation.

Guildford Hotel

Guildford Hotel.  .
Camera iconGuildford Hotel. . Credit: supplied/supplied

This iconic landmark emerged from the ashes in 2016 after eight years of lying after a suspicious fire.

After a two-year renovation, one of Perth’s oldest pubs has revived, paying tribute to its long history with charred beams, recycled signage, original fireplaces and window frames.

Since then, Guildford has traveled extensively to enjoy the restoration, as well as the new courtyard and delicious cheeseburger spring rolls.


Elfford Hotel.
Camera iconElfford Hotel. Credit: Daniel Wilkins/Western Australian

When Mt Lawley’s The Flying Scotsman announced it was closing its doors, many people wondered where they would take beer jugs and cheap and fun pizza.

Fortunately, his dirty excavations have been transformed as The Elford after a $ 4 million renovation that reopened in August 2021.

Now it’s an airy sandy stylish space with a fresh seasonal menu and a generous drink menu with unique craft beers and classic cocktails.

The Royal Hotel

Fleur at The Royal Hotel.
Camera iconFleur at The Royal Hotel. Credit: Ross Swanboro/Western Australian

You will be forgiven for forgetting about this popular CBD pub, which reopened only in 2019, as it quickly soaked into the fabric of the city.

After a $ 13 million renovation, the heritage building, which originally opened in 1882 as a lounge bar and hotel, has been converted into a multi-venue space that includes various bars, a karaoke room and Willi’s and Fleur restaurants.

Hotel Leaderville

Leederville Hotel Plot.
Camera iconLeederville Hotel Plot. Credit: Andrew Richie/Western Australian

There have been many reruns of this popular evening – you may have even danced in one of the cages after drinking too many drinks – but the latest version may be better.

This multi-million redevelopment has given the huge space a whole new look, three new spaces inside the hotel, and the addition of the Servo restaurant and bar.

The cells may or may not be gone, but it still promises good night if you’re late.

Cottesloe Beach Hotel

Cottesloe Beach Hotel
Camera iconCottesloe Beach Hotel Credit: Instagram

If you remember spending Sunday afternoon sitting on a hill in the back of this mega-area before recycling, then it’s time to invest in a good skincare regimen.

Since opening its doors in 1905, it has undergone a series of renovations over the decades, but the transformation in 2013 to replace sticky floors and astrogaronds, as well as introduce a stylish beach club, was perhaps the most memorable.

Whether you want to watch the sunset on the veranda with a cold beer or relive your first 20s with a Sunday walk behind, there’s room for everyone.


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