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Report: Australia’s most in-demand skills


Online learning provider Udemy has released it Workplace Learning Index for the 1st quarter of 2022revealing the most popular technologies and strength skills training used by global online learners.

In 2022 to date, the lessons of decentralized applications for blockchain and work efficiency have been leading courses in technology and energy skills respectively. Demand for blockchain-related technological skills such as DApp and Binance has grown 450% compared to Q4 2021, while energy skills including efficiency (98% growth) and personal success (92% growth) ), also continue to attract the attention of those who seek to improve. their leadership skills.

The report also highlights country-specific trends in staff training, including the following skills that are now growing in Australia. The percentages show an increase in the use of online courses compared to the previous quarter:

  1. Swift (215%)
  2. Data structures (211%)
  3. IOS development (197%)
  4. Docker containers (107%)
  5. AWS Certified Architect Solutions (99%)

The Udemy Workplace Learning Index is published quarterly and identifies the most in-demand skills based on data generated by Udemy Business users (the company’s corporate learning solution). Udemy says it emphasizes skills that corporate leaders and employees consider necessary tools for career growth and differentiation.

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