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“Respect us”: the Prime Minister of Solomon Islands made scathing reproaches to Australia


The Prime Minister of Solomon Islands Monaco Sogavar has intensified criticism of Australia’s reaction to the recent defense agreement with China.

Speaking before the country’s parliament in Haniari this week, Mr Sogawar launched a tirade ranging from Australia’s lack of respect for the Pacific nation to Western global influence.

He called groups in the Solomon Islands opposed to signing a security treaty with China “racists” and “fanatics”, according to ABC.

The speech included a clear blow to those who called Solomon “Australia’s backyard.”

«[A backyard] garbage is collected and burned here. This is an area that supports the daily well-being of the residents of the house, ”Mr. Sogavar said.

“I urge those people who continue to brand us as their backyard to stop calling us by that name and start respecting us as a sovereign independent nation with one equal voice in the United Nations.”

Camera iconChina’s first ambassador to Solomon Islands Li Ming (left) and Solomon Islands Prime Minister Monase Sogawar (center). Source: Supplied. Credit: Supplied

He shifted attention to global issues, apparently condemning the West’s excessive enthusiasm for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“There [are] two sides of every situation we see in the world today, including the crisis in Ukraine, when the Western world is trying to force every nation to condemn, ”he said.

“There [are] two sides of every story. ”

Mr Sogavar also defended China’s attitude towards Christians who some believe were persecuted by the current regime.

“These are more serious practicing Christians in China than the entire population of the Pacific islands, including Australia and New Zealand combined. Yes, there are rules. There are restrictions, ”he said.

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Camera iconPrime Minister Scott Morrison said on Wednesday that he had not spoken to Mr Sogawar in weeks, but hoped to improve relations. NCA NewsWire / Gary Remage Credit: News Corp Australia

Scott Morrison told the media on Wednesday that he had not spoken to Mr Sogavare since the election was called.

“We are Solomon Islands’ main security partner. This is what the Prime Minister told me again, and it remains so, ”he said.

“I look forward to the opportunity on the other side of the election to continue to positively manage this relationship.”


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