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Return to full memorial services on Anzac Day 2022


There will again be major events such as the traditional Dawn at Martin Place and the Sydney Central Settlement District march, and as a special occasion clubs and pubs at NSW can hold games together on all three days of Anzac Day. long weekend from 23 to 25 April.

Transport and Veterans Minister David Elliott said this year’s Anzac Day will be an exciting and significant occasion for many veterans who missed the march or attended the meeting over the past few years due to COVID restrictions.

“This year is not only the first year since the withdrawal of the Australian Defense Forces from Afghanistan, but it is also the first time since 2019 when veterans will be able to resume communication with comrades to attend their annual meetings without restrictions,” Mr Elliott said.

Public transportation will be free to all veterans, families and individuals attending Anzac Day meetings, marches and commemorative events in the Sydney, Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Hunter and Ilawari areas.

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