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Review of the AWD SUV Jeep Compass Limited 2022


Jeep Compass – The Jeep has long been associated with reliable 4WDs that drive anywhere, such as the Wrangler, but the Compass that was updated only last yearit’s more of an urban SUV.

There are several models, and this week we drove the Limited S model, which comes with a 2.4-liter gasoline engine, 9-speed automatic transmission, Jeep Active Drive 4 × 4 and Selec-Terrain (Tm) system.

It provides a good combination of urban comfort and amazing 4WD capabilities. Ideal for forest trails, beech rides or snow rides, as well as for daily safety in the wet air.


Interior of Jeep Compass Limiyed 2022

Compass is a beautiful SUV that looks smaller than it really is. Our model came with optional heated front-heated leather seats with multiple electronic adjustments, a 10.25-inch digital dashboard, wireless charging and connectivity for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and updated advanced driver assistance safety features.

On the center screen is a U Connect customizable system with a 10.1-inch touch screen.

Overall, the Jeep Compass is a stylish 4WD SUV that gives more adventurous owners the opportunity to comfortably explore beyond the black top.

Price from $ 46,500 plus regular expenses

This is a car minute

I’m Rob Fraser

Jeep Compass Limited 2022 interior driver tools

What is good?

What’s wrong?

  • AWD capability
  • Wireless communication
  • Spacious and comfortable interior

Internal charging tray Jeep Compass Limited 2022

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2022 Jeep Compass Limited S Engine


Jeep Compass Limited S

The cost of the model $ 48,350 MLP *
Engine Gasoline 2.4 liters 4 cyl
Drive AWD 9 Speed ​​Sports AT
Power 129 kW at 6400 rpm
Torque 229 Nm at 3900 rpm
0-100 km / h / top speed About 10.1 / TB
Security 5-star ANCAP (Accessed July 2021)
CO2 emissions 230 g / km
Economics of ADR / Capacity 9.7 l / 100 km / 60 l / 11.2 l / 100 thousand
Maintenance 12 months / 12,000 km limited price
Warranty 5 years / 100,000 km with conditional lifetime assistance on the road

* MLP Includes GST and LCT, but excluding statutory fees, dealer costs and dealer delivery. Contact your RDAP dealer. Does not include cost options. Some of the features mentioned in the article are options. RDAP means the recommended departure price (no options but subject to all other fees).

2022 Jeep Compass Limited S Front qtr

Overall rating


At the wheel 8
Comfort 8
Equipment 8
Performance 8
Travel and driving 8
Practicality 8
Approaches the goal 8
Ability to tow / AWD 7 – 2/5 Towing – 4/5 AWD option
Technology / connection 8
Value for money 8

Jeep Compass Limiyed's profile is 2022

Compass dimensions

Total length 4394 мм
Wheelbase 2636 mm
Width / Height 1819 mm / 1644 mm
Empty lumen / depth of passage Yes 212 mm / 405 mm
Approach / Ramper / Departure (degrees) 16.8 / 22.9 / 31.7
Fuel tank / Turning circle 60 liters / 11.07 meters CTC
Load capacity Max / min (l) 1711/522
Equipped weight / GVM / GCM 1503 kg / 2087 kg / 2987 kg
Towing capacity / towing ball rating 1000 kg / 100 kg

Jeep Compass Limited 2022 behind

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  • Overall rating – 7.9 / 10

7.9 / 10


Jeep Compass – Jeep has long been associated with reliable 4WD cars that drive anywhere, such as the wrangler, but the Compass, which was only updated last year, is more of an urban SUV.

Overall, the Jeep Compass is a stylish 4WD SUV that gives more adventurous owners the opportunity to comfortably explore beyond the black top.


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