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Rice Walsh Hospital, New Zealand, Dragon Warriors, News, Updates


Young Voyors Rhys Walsh said he lost 4kg and spent two nights in hospital with a swollen liver before defeating the Voyors from the Dragons on Saturday with a score of 24-18.

Walsh explained how much the disease affected his boys, especially in the second half

where he struggled with seizures

“I felt I lacked energy, and it was hard,” Walsh said stuff.co.nz.

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“I was in the hospital two nights earlier in the week and it definitely affected my body.

“I feel like this is what I need to go through, probably mentally.

“My liver was a little swollen, there was a little fluid around it,” he added.

For most of the second half, Rhys Walsh struggled with seizures. (Photo by Marc Kolbe / Getty Images)Source: Getty Images

“They said it was an infection, so I was in the hospital on Saturday and Sunday, coming out on Monday morning.”

Although the 19-year-old decided to overcome the pain, he admitted it affected his work.

“I lost 4kg and you could see that in the second half I contracted for about 30 minutes, I just couldn’t find my legs,” he said.

“But I guess it’s a mental issue, I just need to go through things like that.”


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