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Richmond veteran Jack Rivoldt says star forward Tom Lynch cannot be stopped at the moment


Coleman’s medalist Tom Lynch has never been in his best past, according to Richmond teammate Jack Rivoldt, who believes the Tigers have “pieces of the puzzle” to become a threat to the prime minister again.

Lynch scored 31 goals in the first nine rounds to lead the AFL, with 17 of them scored in the last three weeks as he reaped the fruits of “more courage” in the Richmond offense.

He will line up with Rivoldt in the Tigers ’forward line to take advantage of Esendan’s exhausted defense in their Dreamtime MCG clash on Saturday night, and best and fairest bomber Jordan Ridley has been kicked out of the competition.

But Rivoldt said that in the form in which Lynch was, any defender would need a great deal of effort to stop him.

“It was a reflection of the fact that we showed a little more courage in the crime, and it bore fruit,” he said on Friday.

“We know that the parties will study us and how we play, and of course how Tom plays.

“But I don’t think I saw him in better shape. At the moment he is really sure.

“You just look at the way he throws the ball with his body, it fills us with a lot of confidence that we can hit him the ball.

“Most of the time he wins these competitions, but at the same time he cuts them in half and does not get lost, and then gives the guys a chance on the ground.

“I have a special place for Lynch. When I think about his play, here and there he feels some criticism, and I like to see him perform on the big stage. “

Camera iconTom Lynch scored 31 goals in 2022. Michael Klein Credit: News Corp Australia

Rivoldt, who ranked second on Richmond’s all-time list, will come out on his 14th Dreamtime game, making his AFL debut in a 2007 match.

He said the event had a “sense of finale” and was not missed for non-native players.

“We were all born on the land of the indigenous people,” Rivolt said.

But it also gives the Tigers a chance to pull their muscles against the fighting bombers, and inform the competition that Richmond is a force again as they seek their sixth win of the season.

“We played well in the feet. We rank perhaps third or fourth in numbers won this year. We think that what we are doing is good, ”Rivolt said.

“We have put the building blocks together and now, I hope, we will speed it up to the next final campaign.

“We believe we have pieces of the puzzle. You need a lot to go right, only time will tell.


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