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Rio Tinto own shares? It’s time to delve into your dividends


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The ASX may be closed today. But that doesn’t mean investors can’t enjoy a return on their ASX shares. So let’s talk about Rio Tinto Limited (ASX: RIA) dividends.

Among all ASX dividend stocks that have paid out income to shareholders this year, none have been as exciting as resource stocks like Rio. The past year or so has seen record high commodity prices. Oil, coal and gas have seen tremendous growth. As are other commodities such as iron ore.

This has led to massive dividend payouts from mining and drilling giants such as BHP Group Ltd (ASX: BHP), Woodside Energy Group Ltd (ASX: WDS), and of course Rio Tinto.

Ria showed hers FY22 earnings report for July. In this, the miner is declared intermediate, completely franked dividend of $2.76 per share. That’s $3.837 in our dollars. Rio traded shares ex-dividend on this payment on August 11. And investors will get paid very soon.

Rio Tinto’s dividend is included

The initial payment deadline was set for today, September 22. But today’s public holiday commemorating the death of Queen Elizabeth threw a spanner in the works. last week, Rio told investors that the dividend payment date is still today. However, he added the following:

In connection with the declared Day of National Mourning Australian federal government to honor Queen Elizabeth II on September 22, 2022 now notbusiness day for banking and ASX purposes.

As a result of the payment to the shareholders of Rio Tinto Limited who have chosen to receive their dividend via direct credit in Australian dollars will be processed on 21 September 2022

So maybe investors will still get their money today. But because of the holiday, many investors may have received a one-day early markup on their money and seen the money come in yesterday. It is also possible that the money will arrive tomorrow for some investors.

We know for sure that any additional shares to be distributed in Rio are optional dividend reinvestment plan (DRP) will be released tomorrow.

Whatever happens, it’s certainly a good week for Rio Tinto investors.

At yesterday’s closing share price in Rio Tinto, the ASX 200 mining giant had dividend yield 10.53%


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