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Rock and roll rarities are coming from the hammer


Music lovers will have the chance to buy a piece of music history with items signed by The Rolling Stones and KISS among a “rare collection” to be auctioned online.

Queensland-based Lloyds Auctioneers is putting up more than 70 items for sale, including electric guitars signed by the Stones and heavy metal band Anthrax and a drum cover signed by Eric Beecher of KISS.

The items are unique because they were collected during the lifetime of the deceased owner, said Lloyds Auctioneers chief operating officer Lee Heims.

“When we got a call from the keeper’s daughters … they wanted to honor the collection and its history,” he told AAP.

“They told stories about a keeper who traveled the world with his photography equipment, went to concerts and collected all these strange things.”

​​​​​​While the history of each item is not fully known, Mr Hamms said some could attract bids above $10,000. Anyone worldwide can bid on the auction.

“Bidders should do their due diligence and do a little research to find out exactly the history of some of these items,” he said.

“There are so many big names in the auction, so it’s really going to come down to who has the most emotional attachment.”

For those thinking of bidding, Mr Hums suggested setting a limit so people don’t get into emotional bidding wars.

“You want to know how much you’re willing to pay and make that your maximum bid. So, if you win, you will be happy.

“If it goes higher, you won’t be emotionally involved in the bidding process, so you’ll be happy to walk away.”

Mr Haymes said lifetime collections were becoming scarce and this was a rare opportunity to own a piece of a collection that did not normally appear on the market.

“As with any rare collection that lasts a lifetime, there are bound to be some gems.”

Items will go under the hammer on Monday.


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