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Russell Wilson’s return to Seattle is scheduled for week 1 as the NFL schedule is published | NFL


The winner of the Super Cup gets the booty from the opening of the entire schedule of the house.

So. Los Angeles Rams on the evening of Thursday, September 8, the Buffalo Bills tournament will take place to kick off the 2022 season.

It’s a juicy match for a team commonly considered the champion’s favorite at the Bills, which travels to SoFi Stadium, where the Rams won the championship in Cincinnati in February.

On Sunday, September 11, the Bengals will be home to their division rivals, the Steelers, when all but two of the other teams start. The two clubs, which play Monday night, also offer an enticing storyline: Russell Wilson brings his Broncos to Seattle. In the offseason, the Seahawks exchanged their longtime defender for Denver.

Sunday’s prime-time game featuring Tom Brady – unless he resigns by September – and the Buccaneers in Dallas. Brady’s decision to resign after a short break forced NFL Schedule creators to hack and remake some game slots.

The Cowboys visited Buccaneers to open last season.

The rest of Sunday’s opening awaits eye-opening matches, such as Jacksonville with new coach Doug Pederson in Washington with new defender Carson Wentz. Pederson coached Wentz in Philadelphia and won the Super Cup with the Eagles, although Nick Falls was behind the center with Wenz’s injury.

Several key division matches are expected Sept. 11: New Orleans in Atlanta, Indianapolis in Houston, New England in Miami, Las Vegas in Los Angeles Chargers, and Green Bay in Minnesota.

“I expect there will be an incredible crowd,” Vikings coach Kevin O’Connell said on the Vikings website. “I’ve talked a lot about being on the side of this visitor, so I know what’s waiting for the Packers this first weekend. I expect to see a stadium full of purple. This is a great opportunity for us and a challenge.

“What a way to start your season is a challenge, but also a great way to start what I hope will be a great 2022.”

In addition, it will be Cleveland in the Carolina, San Francisco in Chicago, Philadelphia in Detroit, Baltimore in the New York Jets, Kansas City in Arizona and the New York Giants in Tennessee.

Teams that will open on the road and be home in Week 2 include Kansas City, which hosts the Chargers in the first game of Amazon Prime Video on Thursday night. In addition, it will be Miami in Baltimore, New York Jets in Cleveland, Indianapolis in Jacksonville, Tampa Bay in New Orleans, Carolina in New York Giants, New England in Pittsburgh, Seattle in San Francisco, Houston in Denver , Arizona in Las Vegas, Chicago in Green Bay at night, Tennessee in Buffalo on Monday night, then Minnesota in Philadelphia.

Finally, in the 3rd week at home will play Indianapolis against Kansas City, Minnesota against Detroit, New England against Baltimore and Tampa Bay against Green Bay, and Brady will meet Aaron Rogers.

It was previously revealed that one of the Christmas triplehead games, Denver at the Rams, will be broadcast by Nickelodeon as well as CBS. Mucus, anyone? Other Christmas games are Green Bay in Miami at the 13:00 slot, then Tampa Bay in Arizona at night.

On the eve of Christmas there will also be a competition with Raiders at the Steelers.

In traditional Thanksgiving games, Detroit hosts Buffalo, Dallas Home for the Giants and New England Minnesota at night.

More holiday rates: 14 games on New Year’s Day, which will force some cup games to be canceled from January 1st. Probable best matches to start in 2023 include San Francisco in Las Vegas, Miami in New England and Denver in Kansas City.

International games have also been announced earlier:

On Nov. 13, the first game of the NFL regular season in Germany, Tampa Bay vs. Seattle in Munich.

On October 9, Green Bay will be the last team to play in Europe against Giants at home to Tottenham Hotspur in London. Last week, Minnesota played there with New Orleans.

On October 30, Wembley Stadium will host the Broncos against Jaguar.

Nov. 21, San Francisco and Arizona in Mexico City.

In the 15th week on Saturday, December 17, there will be a triplehead, however, which of the five matches will be postponed from Sunday will be decided only closer to this weekend. Opportunities include Miami in Buffalo, Baltimore in Cleveland, Indianapolis in Minnesota, Atlanta in New Orleans and Giants in Washington.

On the last weekend, January 7-8, 2023, all matches within the division will also be postponed to Saturday. They will be identified in the early 18th week.

Only one franchise is not intended for prime time: Detroit. But a flexible league schedule could change that if the Lions show significant improvement.

Unlike Rams, Packers, Bucks, Broncos, Eagles, Cowboys, Chargers, Chiefs, Steelers, 49ers, Patriots and Bengals have five night games each.

Ironically, the AFC champion Bengals faces all the enemies of the three divisions (Cleveland, Baltimore and Pittsburgh) on the road in prime time. In December in Las Vegas three night games in a row.

Farewell begins at 6 weeks.


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