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Safe, affordable, cost-effective design solutions for nursing care – discover mobile media (RPM)


As Australia’s aging population accelerates rapidly over the next ten years, the demand and pressure for nursing care services in both nursing homes and home support programs is expected to grow exponentially. progression.

In 2020, the Australian Government reported that more than 840,000 Australians received support under the Commonwealth Home Support Program, and around 245,000 Australians lived permanently in nursing homes.

Combined with this is the growing number of elderly Australians who need support, a terribly rapid increase in the number of Australians living with or diagnosed with dementia.

In 2022, the Australian organization Dementia reported that almost half a million Australians live with dementia, and this number is expected to grow to more than a million in the next few decades. It has also been reported that approximately 1.6 million Australians are currently involved in helping someone with already diagnosed dementia.

We know that the numbers are high and growing, and so the demand for the support and resources needed to meet that demand is also growing. So what are the solutions?

Identifying the basic needs of those living in an environment for the care of the elderly and ancillary housing

For older people, including especially those living with dementia, the physical and social environment may become increasingly difficult to navigate as health and understanding deteriorate.

But with thoughtful design, you can easily and cost-effectively create a supportive environment that will help people diagnosed with dementia and other diseases live as independently as possible without facing unnecessary disability.

The best-designed facilities address four key areas that can be challenging for those living with dementia, as well as for those who require more care: comfort, support, stress, and safety.

What is RPM and how can it support these key needs?

Due to the increased demand, high turnover and the needs of residents in housing, quick, simple and cost-effective solutions are needed. Movable printed matter (RPM) provides just that: a way to make a space personal and functional for each resident without overhauling the decor in an expensive traditional way.

RPM products can be printed to order, attached to any flat surface, easily removed without damaging existing designs, and can be used over and over again in multiple locations.

RPM products certified by the Dementia Center do this a step further, as they have been specifically designed and rigorously tested to meet the needs of people living with dementia, helping them navigate and feel at home in challenging environments.

RPM Art, Reframe and Photo Collage products provide comfort and support, as well as contribute to the feeling of home comfort and familiarity. Resident-specific art and picture collages can provide visual memory clues for those struggling with cognitive impairment, and offer conversations to encourage social interaction. These RPM products can be attached directly to a wall or to an existing frame or work of art.

To support independent living, RPM signage solutions help residents with orientation and finding a way, allowing them to maintain a sense of freedom and independence, which in turn promotes greater confidence and better mental health. Similarly, in the long corridor of identical rooms RPM memory doors allow residents to easily identify their doors with a personal design that can be attached and removed without causing damage.

For the elderly and those struggling with cognitive impairment associated with dementia, there may be many sensory triggers in the environment that can cause significant stress, including light glare and specular reflections. Certified mirror revolutions for dementia can facilitate such triggers by providing a matte finish, an opaque mirror sticker coating of any size or shape or a reflective surface. RPM privacy and one-sided window coverage can also reduce unrest by allowing residents privacy as well as redirecting them from areas that may pose a risk.

Confusion and disorientation can sometimes lead to danger, one such example being behavior in search of a way out. RPM Door Diversions can help hide exits by making doors invisible and gently distracting residents from their true function.

Whether you are designing for obsolete or ancillary living spaces, or just making your home space more functional and affordable, lightweight, cost effective and undamaged. Mobile media products provide a variety of environmental solutions that make the space more useful and enjoyable. both for loved ones and for their guardians.

For more information: https://www.thecreativeprinter.com.au/collections/aged-care-rpm-solutions


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