Home Entertainment Sam Mack: Kochie ‘OUTED’ Sam Mack at sunrise frying his “little legs”

Sam Mack: Kochie ‘OUTED’ Sam Mack at sunrise frying his “little legs”


David “Kochi” Koch was “ahead” of weather forecaster Sam Mack for “little legs” on national television.

The weather forecaster Sunrise was the subject of a joke by a popular TV presenter, who shared a photo of his shoes on display next to Mack – Kochi’s shoes easily outperform Mack’s comfortable sneakers.

“I enjoy meeting Sam Mack during this week’s morning show because I feel like we have a little connection when he’s on the road so much and when he’s with us, we certainly share a locker room for the boys and we do so much we’ll find out about him, ‘said Kochi.

“I didn’t realize his feet were so small until yesterday I saw his small, famous white sneakers parked near my shoes.

“And I thought, ‘I never knew that about him, he’s got little little legs.’

Camera iconComparison of shoe size Kochi and Sam Mack. Credit: Sunrise

One of Kochi’s co-hosts replied, “Oh, there’s a lot to say.”

As the Sunrise team laughed with laughter, the camera turned to Mack.

He jokingly said, “I feel like I’ve been kicked out,” before striking back at Kochi with a similar sneer in his shoes.

“I feel it was great to share a dressing room with Ronald MacDonald and see that the clown shoes were on display so everyone could enjoy,” Mack said.

“Mascara,” Kochi replied.

When this silly photo was later shown again, Mack tried to put it on in a sock, saying “we’ve seen enough, guys”.

The Morning Show was finally presented, and Mack joked about the “respect” he gets from “his colleagues” with host Kylie Gillis.

Despite the laughter, the beloved weatherman has recently been going through a difficult period after the death of his domestic cat Coco, who played on Sunrise for “many, many years”.

“My beloved Coco, my rescue cat that we’ve been showing on the show for many, many years, we unfortunately had to say goodbye over the weekend,” he announced.

Sam Mack with Coco the rescue cat
Camera iconCat rescuer Sam Mac Coco. Credit: Supplied/West

“It was extremely difficult. Any pet lover or one who has experienced this knows how hard it is, they are family, they are much more than just a cat or just a dog.

“The Sunrise family bypassed me, you guys sent me flowers, and people realize it’s a real grief when you lose an animal and I’m still, I guess, cultivating it.”

However, more joyful news soon came from a weather forecaster who in early April celebrated his girlfriend’s pregnancy with Mack’s first child.


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