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Sam Trayhern: My favorite things


Founder of roller business and Chuffed Skates in Newcastle.

Sam Treichern was born in Bundyalung Country in Queensland and has lived in many places along the east coast (always a stone’s throw from the ocean).

She studied communications at university and eventually earned a PhD in creative writing.

She loves creativity in all its forms, whether it’s putting words on paper or moving her body on eight wheels. She has been roller skating for the past decade and after finishing her thesis decided to start her own roller skating company, Chuffed Skates.

Sam says she’s been surprised to discover that business can be just as creative an outlet as writing a novel, and is enjoying growing her Newcastle-based company into a globally recognized skate brand that gives back to the community.

Roller skates

It’s a bit obvious, but I couldn’t live without my skates. They give me access to all these amazing things I can do with my body, they’re my outlet when I’m stressed, and most of all they make me feel most free and alive. They have also given me so many opportunities, taken me to so many places and helped me meet so many amazing people.


Surfing is my down time. Unlike skating, I don’t really have any goals or expectations and it’s not related to my job when I’m surfing. In the ocean, I can disconnect, connect with nature and just be. It’s like meditation and really centers me.

My partner and my dog

My partner John and I recently got a puppy and we joke that it’s our baby. Anyone who follows me on Instagram won’t let me get away with not featuring Coco on the list since I post about him pretty constantly. He’s a four-month-old Labradoodle and I love that he’s given us even more reasons to go outside. Our favorite part of the day is taking him for a walk on Redhead Beach every morning.

The journey

Traveling to new places really fuels me creatively. John is from Colombia so this year we were finally able to go back and see his family after the lockdown due to Covid. I love being in another country, especially when I speak another language most of the time – it’s like I’m accessing another side of my brain. This year myself and some of the Chuffed Skates team also got to travel to the US for the event. I participated in my first skating competitions. It was terrifying and exhilarating.


I am lucky to be able to call work one of my favorite things to do. Through Chuffed, I get to spread joy through roller skating, and knowing what skating has done for me, I know how much positivity it can bring to people’s lives. I’m so grateful that we can give back to the community through events and programs, donate a portion of our profits to charities, and directly support skaters doing what they love. It’s the coolest job in the world.

Photo: Sam Trayhern


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