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Satisfaction with the work of teachers falls by almost 30% – SchoolNews


Australian Institute of Learning and School Leadership (AITSL) to released it in the spotlight, Welfare in Australian Schoolsdetailing the importance of well-being for school leaders, teachers and students, and the critical role of educators and school communities play when it comes to supporting student well-being.

The ongoing pandemic, as well as various natural disasters, have focused on resources and programs for the well-being of students, faculty and leaders, recognizing that various initiatives and programs already exist aimed at understanding and strengthening their well-being.

AITSL CEO Mark Grant states: “We have been fighting fires, floods and COVID-19 for two years, where many schools and their staff suffered serious disruptions and were also in long periods of blocking and online training. This has affected the well-being of not only 4 million school students across Australia, but our nearly half a million faculty and leaders ”.

“These data show that the well-being of our educators and leaders is just as important as it is for children and young people, and is vital to a well-functioning education system, especially during the workforce the press“Hurray,” Mr. Grant said.

The study also highlights the well-being of those just starting their educational careers, as well as the value of quality introductory and ongoing support programs for graduates and those moving into new positions.

“Building and strengthening strong and trusting relationships with colleagues is key and can contribute to a person’s positive well-being.

“If educators are satisfied and feel supported and positive about their work, they are more likely to engage in continuous professional development and stay in the profession longer.”

Welfare programs for educators are spread across Australia, and there are other tools and resources to help teachers, leaders and communities work together to support student well-being.

“This Spotlight showcases the many different welfare resources that our educators and leaders can access. Some of the available programs provide professional training, and I encourage all educators to consider them, ”Mr. Grant said.

To read the report and learn about resources, visit: https://www.aitsl.edu.au/wellbeing-2022


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