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Scott Morrison is expected to call federal elections on Sunday, May 21


Scott Morrison is said to be heading to Canberra, where he will call federal elections on May 21.

Mr Morrison is due to fly Sunday morning from Sydney to Canberra, where he is expected to visit the Government House to ask Governor-General Sir David Hurley to hold the election.

He was expected to make the call on Sunday after resolving a number of legal issues before the NSW Liberals.

Labor leader Anthony Albanese has called on Mr Morrison to “just do it” and accused him of delaying the election so that ministers could continue to appoint appointments to public bodies.

Mr. Morrison stressed that the coalition will serve a full term in power after returning to power on May 18, 2019.

Both leaders posted pre-recorded advertisements on Saturday as they spoke at the last minute to voters before the start of the official five- to six-week election campaign.

In his video, Mr Morrison sought to convey his message that the coalition is the best choice for economic governance and national security, telling viewers that he acknowledged that “things are difficult”.

On Sunday morning, he published an “opinion article” entitled “Choice,” in which he said his government was not perfect, but now was not the time to “risk” Labor.

The Labor election video shows Mr Albanese referring to his upbringing, degree in economics and the time he spent as infrastructure minister in the former governments of the Rada and Gillard.

Mr Albanez has promised to control public debt and spending and to work with businesses to increase production in Australia. He said he has a full-cost plan to make childcare and electricity bills cheaper and strengthen Medicare.

Camera iconBoth leaders have been in the unofficial campaign for several months. Credit: Supplied

Where are the two main parties?

Mr Morrison will hope to be able to repeat his “miracle” victory in the 2019 elections became the first person in more than 14 years served a full term as prime minister.

As in 2019, the coalition is launching a campaign that is lagging behind in opinion polls, but Labor will hope Mr Albanese has a better electorate than former leader Bill Shorten.

Labor support declined slightly in the latest news poll, although it maintained an advantage over the 54-46 coalition based on bilateral preferences.

However, the fall of the primary opposition votes from 41 to 38 – just slightly ahead of 36 in the government – will be a cause for concern for Labor when they headed for the campaign itself.

Mr Morrison remains ahead in the polls as prime minister Mr. Albanese continues to fight for determination in the minds of voters.

Honor is likely to be skeptical of trust polls, given that almost every poll conducted before the 2019 election overestimates Labor support.

Camera iconAnthony Albanese hopes his chances are higher than Bill Shorten’s in 2019. NCA NewsWire / Gary Ramage Credit: News Corp Australia

Where elections will win

All members of the House of Representatives and half of the Senate will be re-elected.

The magic number needed by either side to form a majority government is 76.

Conditionally, the coalition is going to the election with 76 seats, which is one less than in the 2019 election after the abolition of Western Australia Stirling.

After the creation of Hawk’s Provisional Labor Party in West Melbourne, Labor starts with 69 seats.

To get the seven seats needed for self-management, you will need a uniform swing of 3.3. But according to statistics, the coalition is better than it was in 2019.

Budget behind the scenes
Camera iconPrime Minister Scott Morrison has been behind the polls for some time. Adam Taylor Credit: News Corp Australia

Labor has 12 MPs with small advantages who will fight for their political lives, compared to the three coalitions.

But it is unknown how serious the independent candidates will be, challenging traditional liberals such as Wentworth and Goldstein.

If the balance of the bench increases, we can head to the minority government, and then, as in 2010, it will be a game for anyone.

What’s next?

Although both Mr Morrison and Mr Albanese were in the run-up to the campaign before Christmas, the official election trigger would mean that Australians can expect to see more corpses in yards, billboards and polling stations.

If you have moved within the last three years or are unsure whether you are enrolled to vote, you should check your details with the Australian Electoral Commission as voting is mandatory.

According to the AEC, the deadline for enrollment is 20.00 seven days after the issuance of certificates.

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