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Senator Deborah O’Neill promises that one of 400 public batteries will be built in Litan if Labor wins the election | District News


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The future of one city of the Interior Ministry may be electric according to a proposal announced by the Labor Party. During a visit to Litan, Senator Deborah O’Neill said the plan would provide an opportunity to see the benefits of solar energy through the installation of a shared battery. The battery will store energy that is returned to the grid by solar panels during the day and then release energy during the night. Ms. O’Neill said 830 homes in Litan were powered by solar energy, but the high cost of batteries to store that electricity meant only five were installed in Litan. “This means that the full potential of the roof panels is not being realized, and this is putting more pressure on our power grid,” Ms. O’Neill said in a statement to the media. “This commitment will allow local families to supply solar energy to the shared battery during the day and draw on it at night, reducing electricity and emissions bills as well as reducing grid pressure.” Tenants who are unable to install solar energy in their homes will benefit from using the excess energy stored in the battery. READ MORE When Labor wins the government in May, Ms O’Neill said they plan to spend $ 200 million to install 400 batteries in Australia. “This is part of Australia’s work plan to cut electricity bills, reduce emissions and create jobs by expanding the use of renewable energy,” she said. Litan Mayor Tony Renecker welcomed the announcement, which could benefit the whole of Litan. Councilor Renecker said he welcomes anything that helps improve people’s lives and ease pressure on household budgets. “It will help everyone in the community,” Cr Renecker said. “People are increasingly turning to solar energy, one reason is the cost of electricity and the other is the concern about emissions,” he said. Following the announcement of the community, Ms. O’Neill met with board members Litan Shear. Kr Renecker said funding for the Roxy Theater refurbishment, housing, healthcare and transport links would be on the agenda. Our journalists make every effort to provide local, up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can access our trusted content:


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