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Shane Jack on his way back to Australia as pop star Cody Simpson impresses on the national swimming team | Swimming


Shane Jack is on his way back to the Australian national swimming team, and pop star Cody Simpson has reached a new high at the national championships.

Jack, who returned after a doping distance, won the 100-meter freestyle race on Wednesday’s opening day at the Adelaide National Tournament.

And Simpson, the You Tube star who returned to the pool, set a personal record in the 100m butterfly. He showed 51.79 seconds in the race, raising his previous figure to 52.66, set in April.

Simpson was second fastest in the final on Wednesday night after national record holder Matt Temple (51.64) and Kyle Chalmers (52.10) was third in speed.

The swimmers, who finished in the top two in the final of the national championship, will qualify for the World Championships in Budapest in June. And those who took the top three get a place at the Commonwealth Games, which begin July 28 in Birmingham.

Jack (53.27) was second in speed in the 100m freestyle final on Wednesday night, scoring the same time as Meg Harris and Molly O’Callaghan (52.83) became the challenge.

Jack was originally banned for four years after receiving a positive result for the banned substance Ligandrol about three weeks before the 2019 World Cup.

A Queensland resident appealed her ban to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, which reduced her dismissal to two years, finding that Jack had deliberately not used the substance.

The automatic selection of Jack for individual swimming in the 100m freestyle at future worlds and the Commonwealth Games is complicated by the absence of Olympic champion Emma McKeon from the national team.

Cody Simpson is recovering after a 100-meter butterfly race in Adelaide. Photo: Dave Hunt / AAP

The McKeon gold medal at last year’s Tokyo Olympics gives her an automatic choice, but she misses the world title to focus on the Commonwealth Games.

That means Jack has to finish in the top two in the final on Wednesday night to be sure of returning to the Dolphins team in the individual standings.

Among other morning competitions on Wednesday at the Elijah National Championships, Winnington was the fastest in the men’s 400m freestyle, followed by Sam Short and 2016 Olympic gold medalist Mac Horton.

Jenna Strauch and Abby Harkin led the 100m breaststroke qualifiers, and Brad Woodward was the fastest in the men’s 200m backstroke.


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