Home World Shelves nearly devastated baby formula at the St Louis Store

Shelves nearly devastated baby formula at the St Louis Store


Footage from St. Louis, Missouri, showed that supermarket shelves were almost empty of baby formula when the FDA worked to alleviate shortages of staple products across the country. A video posted on Instagram by @80stoyhunter shows depleted shelves at a local Schnucks store in St. Louis on May 14, Storyful reported. On Monday, the FDA and Abbott Laboratories reached an agreement to restore Abbott’s closed facility and resume production of infant formula to alleviate the shortage. The factory in Sturgis, Michigan, was closed in February after an investigation into the deaths of two infants led to the discovery of Chronobacter, a deadly bacterium, at a blending plant. The agreement said that production would be resumed “within two weeks”, which in translation will appear on the shelves in “six to eight weeks”. Credit: @ 80stoyhunter via Storyful


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