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Softmed is your favorite partner


Softmed is an Australian company founded in 2017 that specializes in the domestic manufacturing and distribution of medical and healthcare products.

They recently opened a world-class local manufacturing and testing facility in Campbellfield, Victoria – with work starting in 2020. The list of products is constantly expanding; surgical masks, N95 respirators, sterilization films, isolation and surgical gowns, and a variety of non-woven disposable products. They pride themselves on their ability to adapt and innovate – being able to bring important products to market quickly.

Softmed’s goal is to become the largest domestic supplier of more than 300 kinds of non-woven disposable products for medical, dental, aged care, food, hardware and security. In addition, they are working to build an international supply chain through partnerships to improve distribution and manufacturing in Australia. This ensures local supply and reduces the risk of supply chain disruption.

Softmed is ISO 13485 (Medical Device Manufacturing) certified and recently BSI accredited and audited. They are the first in Australia to produce the full cycle from nonwoven raw materials to finished products. An on-site laboratory tests every batch of materials and products to ensure quality.

Softmed products meet all Australian and international standards and are TGA registered. The N95 range covers most face types, shapes and sizes with very high test results.

They strive to set green and sustainable goals with an emphasis on environmentally sound production technologies and source local materials wherever possible to minimize their footprint. Currently, on-site solar energy produces up to 90% of the electricity consumed.

As a leading manufacturer in Australia and Victoria, Softmed has the ability to produce and supply large volumes of products very quickly, with large stocks of all necessary materials ready for production. They seek to partner with regional and remote regions to provide logistics and warehousing solutions, thereby reducing the need for large on-site warehouses.

Through strong industry partnerships, Softmed aims to be the leading manufacturer, supplier and partner for all medical groups in ANZ – with an eye on emerging global markets.

Their commitment to you is that they won’t let you down, won’t overcharge you, and will be your preferred partner.


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