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Some parents at NSW will soon be able to take up to 14 weeks of paid childcare leave

Parents working in the NSW public sector can look forward to better time with their newborns while having up to 14 weeks of paid leave.
The overhaul, which begins in October, means there will no longer be a difference between a “primary” and a “secondary” guardian, with mothers and fathers eligible for the grant.
“Although most parents across Australia are entitled to paid primary childcare leave, only 12 per cent of those who take it are men,” Prime Minister Dominique Perottet said on Sunday.

“Supporting all parents in spending more precious days with their newborns helps them build lifelong relationships.”


Single parents will be entitled to a full 16 weeks of paid childcare leave.
Parents, including those employed outside the public sector, will also be eligible for the “bonus leave” scheme.

The agreement, the first of its kind in Australia, stipulates that each parent will take at least 12 weeks of leave and exhaust any paid childcare leave offered by their employer.

NSW Prime Minister Dominique Perottet recently took two weeks of childcare leave after the birth of his seventh child.

NSW Prime Minister Dominique Perottet recently took two weeks of childcare leave after the birth of his seventh child. Source: Instagram

Foster parents as well as permanent or long-term foster carers will also be able to access childcare leave.

The NSW government announced the initiative on Sunday as part of its future budget along with a number of major announcements about funding forest fires.

Rural communities devastated by the Black Summer fires two years ago can expect significant financial growth in disaster management if the budget is adopted on June 21.

A fire burns in the grass along the road near Bumbalonga, south of Canberra, during the Black Summer fires

New Wales ’budget for 2022-23 provides a significant incentive to fight fires in national parks through an investment of $ 598 million. Source: AP / Rick Rycroft / AAP

Treasurer and Energy Secretary Matt Keane says nearly $ 600 million will be allocated over the next decade to manage national parks, including the employment of 200 firefighters.

An additional $ 93.7 million will go to the Climate Change Adaptation Strategy to prepare for the effects of climate change.
“Climate change is happening now. Adaptation helps protect what we value most, from floods, droughts and forest fires. It can save lives, livelihoods, homes and ecosystems,” he said.

The government will also allocate more than $ 315 million over the next four years to complete the NSW fire investigation, which had 76 recommendations for fire insulation of homes.


Mr Perrottet said the investment would help more than 1.3 million facilities on land prone to forest fires to prepare for future fire seasons.
Firies can also count on better equipment at the forefront: more than $ 105 million will be spent on new trucks and retrofitting old ones.

The investigation was commissioned by former Prime Minister Gladys Beradjiklyan to study the causes, preparation and response to forest fires that have engulfed millions of hectares and destroyed nearly 2,500 properties.


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