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St. Kilda Saints vs. Geelong Cats – Odds, Tips, Predictions and Teams – AFL 2022


Marvel Stadium will host Saturday’s 9th round of the AFL between the St. Kilda Saints and the Geelong Cats. The game starts at 4:35 p.m., and Geelong Cats will enter the game as favorites at bookmakers. Continue reading our detailed preview of the game St Kilda Saints vs Geelong Cats and give you our free tips and bets.

When: Saturday, May 14, 2022 at 4:35 p.m.

Where: Marvel Stadium

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Odds of St. Kilda Saints vs. Geelong Cats

St. Kilda of the Saints vs. Geelong Cats preview

Saturday afternoon game between St. Kilda and Geelong is considered one of the best games of the round.

Last week “St. Kilda” was beaten by Melbourne, no doubt they wanted to show better performance than they did.

Geelong very professionally beat the GWS Giants in Canberra and will head into this game as favorites to win again.

Geelong has been a leading team for many years, and although I think they have passed their heyday, they are professional enough to do the job in such games.

Update rates:

St. Kilda was almost the favorite of the game on one stage, but has since drifted when Geelong took control.

Saits hit a $ 1.92 low with Ladbrokes, then they moved to $ 2.20 before cutting to $ 2.15.

Geelong admire $ 1.70 after touching up to $ 1.88 at the beginning of the piece.

Bet one on one

We tip Geelong Cats to win in $ 1.70 chances.

The St. Kilda Saints vs. Geelong Cats


B: S. Wilkie, D. Howard, B. Patan

HB: J. Battle, J. Sinclair, B. Long

C: D. Mackenzie, S. Ross, K. Sharman

HF: B. Hill, M. Wood, J. Higgins

F: M. King, T. Membre, R. Marshall

FOLL: P. Ryder, Z. Jones, J. Steele

I / C: J. Webster, B. Crouch, J. Billings, J. Gresham

EMG: J. Gere, M. Windhager, J. Lynert, R. Byrnes

IN: C.Sharman, J.Billings

EXITS: N. Wanganin-Miller (managed), M. Windhager (omitted), D. Butler (wounded)


B: M. Blikaus, S. De Koning, Z. Guthrie

HB: J. Well, T. Stewart, T. Atkins

C: M. Duncan, P. Dangerfield, Z. Tuohi

HF: I. Smith, J. Cameron, G. Myers

F: B. Close, T. Hawkins, T. Stangle

FALL: R. Stanley, B. Parfitt, J. Salwood

I / C: M.O’Connor, C.Guthrie, M.Knevitt, Q.Narkle

EMG: C.Stephens, O.Dempsey, F.Evans, L.Dahlhaus

In: R. Stanley, J. Salwood

HIGHER: J. Buse (wounded), K. Stevens, F. Evans (both omitted)


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