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Stay connected in the right place


When considering your next property move, there are a number of factors to consider – the main one for many is location.

If you want to reduce the size in retirement years, there are several options, and it is important to consider the location of your home in terms of surrounding public facilities and services, as well as lifestyle and safety.

According to Greens Penn, a consultant for residential sales of Edison McGrath, older people who have decided to reduce the size should look for real estate that is stored in the castle and leaving, located in a safe and green suburb.

“Convenient access to basic services, shopping malls and medical facilities is important,” he said. “Individuals should consider an offer with a good set of social and recreational facilities, as well as leisure clubs and public transport services.”

This view is supported by Arcadia Group sales manager Geraldine O’Shaughnessy, who said all of these services play an important role in maintaining your health and activity in the long run.

“Community institutions lead to a healthy body and a healthy mind,” she said.

“Staying in the center with great access to everything means you have the services at hand with very little effort.”

Ms. O’Shaughnessy also stressed the importance of a safe neighborhood when considering your next destination.

“A shared sense of security and well-being helps people feel good about themselves,” she said.

Another issue Mr. Peng recommended to retirees was choosing a place that would allow them to stay connected in their community.

“Having a strong social network in your community, as well as being close to friends and family means you will enjoy lifestyle, freedom and independence for years to come,” he said.

Arcadia Waters Bicton Village Manager Cheryl Smith stressed the importance of choosing a greener village with a fresh approach that gives you a stronger sense of belonging and support.

“Having a beautiful object with a beautiful garden is always good for the soul – an opportunity to stop and smell the roses,” she said.

For those taking the move, Mr Peng said that despite the general recommendations, individual factors for older people are different.

“When it comes time to consider options for a peaceful future, people need to consider their budget and individual requirements,” he said.

“While all are very important, some are more important than others, depending on where a person is in their life.”


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