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Strange reasons for donating flowers are growing all over the country


Gifting habits in Australia have taken a strange and unusual turn in line with the country’s largest online flower and gift shop.

Using sales data from the past two years, Roses Only has found an increase in unconventional reasons for gift-giving flowers, from incredibly sweet to more amazing.

Roses Only CEO Kelly Taggart says the company usually gives gifts in the form of flower bouquets, fruits and wine cases for a variety of occasions, but recently she has begun to see more unfamiliar types of gifts.

“We’re used to serving ordinary life events such as weddings and anniversaries, but over the last few years we’ve seen an increase in the number of customers ordering flowers for slightly more unusual reasons,” Ms. Taggart says.

Roses Only has noticed an increase in the number of customers who buy flowers to celebrate that they are single, husbands apologize to their wives for a variety of reasons and even swap, receiving or giving flowers for failures or successes at work.

“A lot of flowers are given after the date, one gentleman gave flowers for his date on Tinder for having the most beautiful lips, as well as beautiful coffee mugs, and another thanked someone for listening well,” says Ms. Taggart. .

“We’ve also seen traders send flowers to apologize for accidentally parking on their porch, and another tradition has received flowers for having done a“ plumbing miracle ”.

“Many husbands send flowers to forgive, more notable was the man who sent flowers to his wife for losing count of her time and going on a three-day trip to the boy.”

Other unconventional reasons for donating flowers included a man who sent the natives to Loriket because his master had died, and an aunt who sent flowers to her four-month-old niece after her first day in kindergarten.

The “Only Roses” data also showed an increase in the number of people donating flowers to determine whether or not one person.

“Many people use flowers as a great way to break the ice – we’ve seen one man give flowers to his“ sweet barista ”to find out if they’re lonely; another sent flowers with a note requesting a meeting with Bannings, says Ms. Taggart.

“We also see great reasons for giving flowers: one man sent a bouquet to say goodbye to his 94-year-old girlfriend, saying how different his life would have been if he had gotten off the train to see her back in the 1950s. I.

“It’s very Australian to use a horrible situation, and sometimes buying someone flowers is the best way to do it.

“Giving flowers is not only a celebration of the best moments in life, but also unusual circumstances that you want to decorate with a beautiful bouquet.”

The most unusual reasons to give flowers from Roses Only:
7. Celebrate loneliness
6. Aunt congratulates four-month-old niece on the first day of the day
5. Suggestions for the Bannings date
4. Traditions to give or receive flowers for failures or successes at work
3. A man who gave a lorikeet to the natives after his master died
2. A date at Tinder sent flowers to a woman for having good lips and mercy
coffee mugs
1. Husband says sorry for losing time account for three days

Roses Only combines almost 50 years of retail and floristry experience combined with a national operation involving more than 300 people and 11 floristic studios with local teams of creative, enthusiastic people who prepare and pack beautiful delivery orders in the same day.

For more information on floral gifts, please visit www.rosesonly.com.au.


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