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Streamer Screamer: Crazy West Coast Eagles footballer Levi Rojas scores a Cristiano Ronaldo-level goal


Levi Rojas loves football so much that he can’t choose between his two favorite codes.

The West Coast-crazy six-year-old’s love for the Eagles can only be matched by his passion for Liverpool Football Club – and he plays both football and Avskik every Sunday.

But it’s a great round-ball goal that Levy has thrown into the mix for this year’s Streamer Screamer — presented Wednesday nights on 7NEWS by his pressing hero, Eagles goal-kicking champion Josh Kennedy.

Playing for Aubin Grove United, Levy scored the ball from his team’s defensive line. He says he was looking for a teammate, but instead the ball hit the net at the other end of the pitch.

“I was trying to aim at my teammate but I accidentally kicked him hard and scored,” he said.

It’s Levy’s first season of football, but he said it’s the best goal he’s ever scored.

It was also not without fanfare as the young guns went into full swing, inspired by Manchester United great Cristiano Ronaldo.

Camera iconThe Streamer Screamer finalist is six-year-old Levi Rojas. credit: Matt Jelonek/Western Australian

When asked what his favorite sport was, the boy thought for a moment before replying, “Maybe both.”

Tragic Eagles adore club legend Josh Kennedy, who recently retired, and said the club must do serious work to fill the void left by their 712-goal star, including a clear message to another fans’ favorite .

“I like Josh Kennedy, but the Eagles have to step up their game because they have to be in the finals,” Levy said.

“I have to say Nick Naitanui (is a player who needs to step up), he needs to hit the ball harder.”

Every Wednesday night, Kennedy will share his three 7NEWS Screaming Streamers of the Week before our experts decide the ultimate winners.

The competition is an opportunity to showcase the best of the best in all community sports in Washington.

Highlights can come from any sport and can even be from someone else – as long as you have their permission to share it.

Entries are open and close at 8pm AWST on Tuesday 27 September, sign up to Streamer at streamer.com.au and upload your clip to win.


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