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Sular helps spread the word about the power of plants in this vegan


Encouraging consumers to immerse themselves in plant-based life for just one attentive month, Soulara’s food delivery service supports your 2022 Vegan trip with the help of environmental warrior and animal activist Ash Paraskeva. A refreshing way to start the new year (loading greens after the indulgence holiday); let the ashes become the motivation you need to nourish your body with natural wholesome foods throughout the month. If you’ve been playing with the idea of ​​trying a vegan diet, now
time for that.

Focusing on more than just food, Veganuary presents a global initiative that creates a more mindful lifestyle while also relieving a little pressure on the planet. By hypothetically replacing beef with beans, your decision to switch to a plant-based basis will help reduce the environmental footprint of our fast-growing agricultural industry; water saving, reducing CO2 emissions and protecting valuable agricultural land. If you are not quite used to giving up meat or are concerned about how you will live a month without eggs and dairy products, Soulara is here to ease the cravings of carnivorous forces with the help of vegetable protein.

By turning to social media to document their personal nutrition problem and empower others in their plant-based travel, new or experienced, Ash will incorporate various Soulara dishes into her existing routine, which already aims to nurture her body, mind and environment. . . By sharing lifestyle tips, tricks, and statements to keep you motivated all the time, Ash’s true online presence has rewarded her with a community of more than 58,000 like-minded people who speak candidly about life’s problems, mentally, physically, emotionally, and Vegans – the next big topic. discussion.

“Being a vegan for almost eight years (with a vegetarian break in 2019), I am a big fan of treating animals as well as humans. If we can live a healthy and happy life without harming others, why shouldn’t we? Veganism is a big challenge to encourage more people to try a vegan lifestyle; to see how easy, delicious and amazing this change can be. The partnership with Soulara felt unpleasant – delicious, balanced and attentive dishes that make my Veganuary much more convenient. Let me and Sulyar become what you need to live a little easier in 2022, ”says Ash Paraskevas.

A simple lifestyle change with lots of positive effects. If you’ve ever wondered if it’s possible to endure a diet fully provided with vegetable protein, now is the time. Let Veganuary be your first gourmet challenge in 2022; prepare you for new habits for a healthy, happy, environmentally friendly year.

And so they say: new year, new you. Find your strength in plant foods with the help of Sulara and Ash Paraskeva and start your wellness journey in 2022. www.soulara.com.au to learn more, browse their food options and make an order today.


Soulara is a company that delivers ready-made plant-based meals. Our chefs draw inspiration from all over the world to bring you new exciting dishes every week, and our nutritionists ensure the balance of each meal. This allows you to get enough nutrients needed for development while on a plant-based diet, even protein.

In addition to being 100% vegetable, Soulara prepares all our dishes fresh and uses packaging with a modified atmosphere to make the dishes as nutritious and delicious as the day we cooked them. Thanks to this you can enjoy restaurant-quality dishes at lower prices without leaving your own home.

Whether you want to explore the world of plant life and don’t know where to start, or just want to eat healthier food and enjoy more vegetables, Soulara is a simple, affordable and delicious option.


Ash Paraskeva with her Sulyar package

Ahead and quickly gaining loyal fans on both TikTok and Instagram, Ash Paraskevas is on a mission to make sure her followers are furious themselves.

Ash’s passion for animals, land and the well-being of others is spread through her channels and is a devoted defender of all living things,

From her fun and simple beauty textbooks to messages about her own path to true self-acceptance, Ash is the perfect role model for a new generation.


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