Home Sports Sunderland solidifies emotional advancement at Wembley.

Sunderland solidifies emotional advancement at Wembley.


Approximately 46,000 Sunderland fans made their way to England’s national stadium, with a goal by Elliott Ambleton in the first half and Ross Stewart in the second half guaranteeing them a long journey from London back to the north-east in good spirits.

Alex Neil’s side entered the match after a 15-game unbeaten streak that allowed it to reach the playoffs, and the Black Cats were early in the groove, with Ambleton scoring in the 12th minute from a long distance that embarrassed shaky David Stockdale’s the gates of Wycombe.

Chances were slim when the half was unfolding, but Sunderland always looked more comfortable, and his place in the league was confirmed when Stewart scored with a clear finish, leaving just over 10 minutes before the end of the competition.

Jack Clark had a chance to add even more brilliance to the score, but Stockdale refused him a close trip, but it didn’t matter much as the Sunderlanders exploded in rapturous celebration after the last whistle.

Next season, Sunderland will join the duo of Wigan Athletic and Rotherham United.


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