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Support for licensing and registration of flood victims


Minister of Customer Service and Digital Government Victor Dominella said that for those who resume their lives after harsh weather, it is very important to have access to these important documents.

“We know this is an incredibly difficult time for those who have lost their homes, vehicles and businesses due to the floods, and we want to remind people of these available options,” Mr Dominela said.

“Replacing lost or damaged license documents is one of the best places to start restoring your identity and replacing other documents, and it’s simple and easy.

“We have simplified the identification requirements for anyone who needs to have their IDs replaced, including a driver’s license, birth certificate, NSW photo card or boat rights.

“Request free replacement of identity documents at NSW Resilience Centers, Mobile Service Centers, and NSW Service Centers.”

Substitute qualification documents such as licenses, permits and certificates issued by Liquor & Gaming NSW, NSW Fair Trading and SafeWork NSW may also be provided.

Metropolitan Roads Minister Natalie Ward said the renewal of vehicle registration and license renewal is also available to anyone affected by the floods.

“Customers can easily renew their licenses over the phone to make sure their driver’s licenses remain valid, while some vehicle or vessel registration fees may also be revoked or refunded,” Ms. Ward said.

“We know there is a long way to go and we are committed to maintaining these support initiatives for those affected by natural disasters or emergencies at NSW.”

Regional Transport and Roads Minister Sam Faraway said the affected motorists could also postpone their demands for a pink slip.

“This means that flood victims will not have to physically undergo a security check at a time when they are focused on rebuilding what was lost,” Mr Faroway said.

“These relief programs mean people can start rebuilding without getting involved in the process, or requiring documentation that may have been destroyed by the floods.”

Visit the NSW Service to access your ID, licenses and personal documents

Learn more about flood support initiatives

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