Dan McCarthy

Officially, the factory team Suzuki MotoGP has confirmed its intention to leave the world championship at the end of the year.

The Japanese manufacturer has made an official statement stating that it is currently in talks with Dorna about the future of MotoGP.

When the information first surfaced, Dorna said Suzuki couldn’t just get together and leave as they signed a five-year contract to stay at MotoGP until the end of 2026.

Suzuki has said its intentions to leave are linked to changes in the car industry that see it want to move away from racing.

“Unfortunately, the current economic situation and the need to focus our efforts on the great changes facing the automotive world in recent years are forcing Suzuki to drastically reduce racing costs and use all its economic and human resources to develop new technologies. “- said in a statement.

“We would like to express our deep gratitude to our Suzuki Ecstar team, to all those who have supported Suzuki motorcycle racing for many years, and to all Suzuki fans who have given us their enthusiastic support.”

Although Suzuki is a historic MotoGP team, he briefly left the sport in 2012, but returned full-time in 2015.

Since then, the team has built up strength, most notably Suzuki racer Joan Mir won the 2020 racing championship, ending a 20-year drought for the brand.

Both Mir and his teammate Alex Rince are both contenders for the title this year.

If Suzuki sets off at the end of 2022, as it plans, it will surely drive the market of racers with hot property to both Rince and Mir.

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