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Sydney man Sam Amin detained in Fiji on charges of possession of steroids a year after the alleged abduction


A Sydney businessman who was allegedly abducted and beaten in the south of the city last year has been arrested on historical charges of drug possession in Fiji.

Sam Amin, 46, was at home with his wife in Sanssouci on June 9, when four gunmen allegedly broke into the house, dragged him into a stolen BMW and drove him to the scene in Basis, where he was attacked. He escaped just before midnight, climbing out of the window.

Fiji police claim that during a search in 2019 in a unit owned by Sam Amin, they found 451.6 grams of anabolic steroids hidden in a meter at home. Amin owns several gyms in the country. Credit:Fiji Police Media

The Sun of Fiji The newspaper reported that last month Amin clashed with Nadia’s magistrates ’court and was charged under one article on illegal possession of illicit drugs, namely steroids, in 2019.

Fiji police claim that after a search of the Fijian unit owned by Amin, in February 2019, they found 451.6 grams of anabolic steroids. Amin owns several gyms in the country.

Amin was allowed to leave the country before being charged, but he returned last week when he was arrested and taken into custody before a court.

He was released on bail on condition that he pay bail of $ 2,000, surrender his passport and agree not to leave Fiji.

He will return to Nadia’s magistrate’s court on June 25.

Fiji police said the arrest was made possible in partnership with the Australian Federal Police and the Fiji government, immigration and intelligence services.

Three men from the early to mid-20s were accused of kidnapping Amina last year. This case is being considered in the courts.


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