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Sydney MP Fiona Martin speaks about “bitter” conservatives who are targeting her


The Liberal Bench argues that the Conservatives are caustic because of its progressive stance on issues such as zero admission.

This was announced by MP Reid Fiona Martin Sydney Morning Herald some of her decisions have angered more conservative members of the Liberal Party.

This included her decision to step through an amendment to the Gender Discrimination Act and her advocacy of zero confessions, she told the newspaper.

“Perhaps the far-right members of our party will not like what I did, but I worked to be a representative of the Reiders,” said Dr. Martin.

Camera iconReid MP Dr. Fiona Martin in the photo speaks during a press conference at the Tooheys Brewery in Lidcombe. NCA NewsWire / Damian Shaw Credit: News Corp Australia

A former child psychologist is facing a tough battle to keep Reed’s marginal chair in inland Sydney.

The area covers parts of the Gulf of Canada, the working suburbs of Auburn and Lidcombe, as well as Berwood, Stratfield and Homebush.

This comes after two heads of local offices refused to support Dr. Martin’s campaign, and an article in The Australian reported that employees were leaving her office.

Camera iconFiona Martin, a Liberal MP from New Wales, rebuked conservative party members for targeting her. NCA NewsWire / Gary Remage Credit: News Corp Australia

“We do not want to encourage such tactics to be directed at our own people. If Reed had a difference of opinion, he should come and talk to me first, not organize political attacks, ”she told the Sydney Morning Herald.

The MP said she did not regret advocating for progressive issues, and spoke with religious leaders as part of a commitment to pass laws on religious discrimination.

“I think we need to think about Australia, where we want to live, where believers are protected and vulnerable young people too,” she said.

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