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Sydney riders will receive 12 days of free public transport on Easter


Passengers will enjoy free travel on the train across Greater Sydney during the Easter holidays, says the New South Wales Transport Minister.

According to Nine Newspapers, the agreement provides for the inclusion of 12 consecutive days of free travel during the Easter holidays.

New Wales Transport Minister David Elliott spoke to the media later on Sunday.

The announcement came days after Mr Elliott announced he had entered into an agreement with the Union of Railways, Trams and Buses to prevent weekly train network disruptions.

Last month, a long-running dispute between the government and the union escalated into a government decision to stop trains in the city at eleven o’clock, leaving thousands of passengers behind for 24 hours.

The union then began threatening to continue weekly industrial activities if the government did not introduce free Fridays to compensate city passengers for disruptions.

The deal is done

Mr Elliott said on Friday he had reached an agreement with the unions, and a new project that benefits state residents would be activated in the coming weeks.

“The union and I are committed to offering free travel days when passengers, their families and small businesses get the maximum economic benefit from public events,” he said.

The government and the union are negotiating a new agreement with the companies.

There have been various disputes over security, hygiene and concerns about possible privatization of the network.


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